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START Project

An arrangement of a personal exhibition is one of the best ways for a young artist to declare about himself. Every month the START project contributes to support one artist to display his/her exhibition at Winzavod CCA. The aim of the project - to discover new names in Russian contemporary art.

Alumni artists of the START project continue with their personal exhibitions in galleries, participate in group projects in Russia and all over the world. Alumni artists of the project win numerous awards in the art field and become laureates. Since the project had launched in 2008, more than 50 solo exhibitions were organised by young artists.

Amongst the alumni society, are artists: Evgeniy Antufyev, Tanya Pioniker, Aslan Gaisumov, Tatyana Akhmetgaliyeva, Zina Isupova, Lisa Bobkova and many others.

Every season an expert board of the START project does a portfolio-review amongst Russian artists and chose the best talents on a competitive basis. The project also cooperates with international residencies fr om all over the world. Artists of the project have a chance to travel to countries such as France, Germany, Italy and many others.

The projects’ site is not only an exhibition space but also a venue for discussions, roundtables and performances, wh ere young contemporary art is concentrated.

Curators of the START project 2008-2017: Anastasia Shavlokhova, Arseniy Zhilyaev, Elena Yaichnikova, Maria Kalinina, Vladimir Logutov, Ivan Isaev, Kirill Preobrazhensky, Vera Trachtenberg, Nikolay Smirnov, Lizaveta Matveeva, Olga Derugina, Ilya Smirnov.

Expert board of the START project: Kirill Preobrazhensky, Anastasia Shavlokhova, Nikolai Palazhchenko, Anna Zaitseva.

Project’s curator

Ilya Smirnov

Ilya Smirnov is a graduate of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Ilya has extensive experience on the international arena, being a founder of his gallery in New York.

Project’s curator

Olga Deryugina

An independent curator Olga Derugina explores the digital media and interdisciplinary practices.

Project’s curator

Lizaveta Matveeva

Lizaveta Matveeva has established an independent artist-run fair and also consults the leading museums around the world, about the St. Petersburg art scene.