Winzavod CCA
Moscow, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8 105120 Kurskaya/Chkalovskaya metro station

How to find us
Administration: +7 (495) 917 46 46
Lease: 8 905 519 99 50 / 8 966 168 84 55 (с 10:00 до 19:00) /

Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art is the first and the largest private contemporary art center in Russia which unites galleries, educational programs, studios, workshops and showrooms. By bringing together all areas of modern culture in one space open to a wide audience, Winzavod supports contemporary Russian art and creates a comfortable environment for its development.

On the basis of Winzavod, the Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art was created, its strategic directions are New Names, Urban + Art and the Art Industry.

Now the New Names direction includes the Open Studios project, as well as the New Names online platform.

Urban + Art is an initiative to support, research and develop contemporary street art in Russia. In the context of this direction, the world's first and only biennale of street art, ARTMOSSPHERE, is being held.

The key project of the Art Market direction is the Association of Galleries, established in 2020 on the initiative of the Moscow galleries of Contemporary Art and the Winzavod Foundation. The project represents the interests of the art industry at private, governmental and international levels.

WIN-WIN Contemporary Art Market — a joint initiative of the CCA Winzavod and the Format One publishing house, aimed at supporting the modern Russian art market. An opportunity for independent artists and creative associations to present their works on a par with galleries, foundations, publishing houses. For visitors, the market is a space for getting to know the authors personally, expanding the collection with works by novice and already established artists at affordable prices.

In the spring of 2022, a program of additional measures to support the artistic community was launched. The initiative is aimed at providing opportunities for artists, curators and other institutions to work in the creative community. The central project in the program was the Artists' Spaces.

This is a new space for artists where they can organize the workflow while being in a community of like-minded people. Workshops are an art laboratory where art is being created in real time.

The program includes Curatorial and Independent Community Projects. The participants were selected by an expert commission based on the results of an open call. The project was implemented in the spaces of the CCA Winzavod in three stages – from November 25, 2022 to March 8, 2023. The projects presented a map of modern initiatives of curators and creative communities. 

You can learn more about the support of the artistic community from Sofia Trotsenko's interview for Kommersant.

Sofia Trotsenko, founder of the Winzavod Contemporary Art Support Fund:

"The idea of ​​creating the Winzavod arose from a dream to make the world around us a better place, to gather the art life of Moscow in one place and show what contemporary Russian art is today. From the very beginning, we did not have the task of making this place focused only on art. We were very attracted by the opportunity to create a real city that lives and develops organically."

Today, the main mission of Winzavod is to support and develop contemporary Russian art.

According to the results of the Special Assessment of Working Conditions, 22 working spaces were assigned a Class 2,
and therefore there is no need to take measures to improve working conditions