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Association of Galleries

Association "Association of Galleries" (AGA) unites 25 galleries of contemporary art and was created with a purpose of representing art industry's interests at private, governmental and international levels. AGA is a member of the Federation of European Art Galleries Association (FEAGA).

"Association of Galleries"  was created at the initiative of the Center of Modern Art  Winzavod as one of the key projects of the Art Market direction. Modern art galleries are behind many processes that change the image of our country for the better - such as the transformation of cluster zones (former industrial production) into innovative cultural centers, the appearance of truly modern sculpture on the streets of our cities, the joint implementation of large-scale projects with state museums. 

The role of galleries and art institutions in most countries of the world as key players, the engines of the art system is not currently disputed - however, in Russia they still do not have a deserved social influence. «Association of Galleries» hopes to change this situation. And thus, a more active and beneficial impact of contemporary art on society.

"Association of Galleries"  (AGA) intends to unite all significant players of the market of modern art in Russia.

Board of the Association:

Sofya Trotsenko – a Russian art producer, founder of the WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art.
President of the Vinzavod Charitable Foundation for the Support and Development of Contemporary Art.

Alexandr Sharov – a gallery owner, has been in the art business for more than 15 years. Founder and director of the Gallery of Contemporary Art 11.12 GALLERY. Lectures on the development of the Russian art market at the RMA Business School.

Alina Kryukova – an entrepreneur, founder of the a–s-t-r-a gallery of contemporary art, a graduate student of the Faculty of Philosophy of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Emelyan Zakharov – a co–owner of the Moscow gallery of modern Art "Triumph".

Elena Selina – a gallery owner, curator, art historian. 1991-93 curator of the L Gallery, Moscow.
Since 1993, founder and curator of XL Gallery, Moscow. Since 2011, curator of XL Projects, Moscow. AICA member.

Sergey Popov – a gallery owner, art critic, curator, specialist in Russian contemporary art. He has been heading the pop/off/art gallery for more than 15 years.

Marina Gisich – a gallery owner, art dealer, collector. In 2001, she founded Marina Gisich Gallery, a gallery of contemporary art, and to this day is engaged in the development and promotion of contemporary Russian art on the international market.

Elvira Tarnogradskaya – the founder of the Syntax gallery and the Artika agency, curator of the Artika corporate collection. Co-founder and staff expert of the Expert Club company.

Katrin Borisov – a collector, art director of the Ruarts Gallery and one of the largest private foundations for the promotion of contemporary art in Russia – the Ruarts Foundation.

Participating galleries: 11.12 GALLERY, pop/off/art gallery, «Triumph» gallery, InArt Gallery by Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Totibadze Gallery, XL Gallery, Vostochnaya gallery, Syntax Gallery, Krokin Gallery, ASKERI GALLERY, Kult proekt Gallery, Gallery, ARTSTORY Gallery, Ruarts Gallery, Omelchenko Gallery, FINEART Gallery, Lumiere Gallery, Gridchinhall Gallery, E.K.ArtBureau, FUTURO Gallery, ART & BRUT GALLERY, ARKA Gallery, Béton Center of Visual Culture, MARINA GISICH GALLERY, a-s-t-r-a.

"Association of Galleries"  is an open organization. We look forward to new members - Russian Modern Art Galleries, who share our values and principles. More on the rules of entry.