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International department
in Winzavod CCA

International artists in Winzavod Residency

Daniele Marzorati

– "VIR Viafarini-in-residence", Italy 2021-2022

Project "Mare Desiderii"

Technique: graphics, photography

"Mare Desiderii" deals with the concept of monument as an entity that covers a vast space in our memory. Firstly, a big drawing made with silver pens on more than 50 papers establishes a new relationship between the two bodies of the sculpture to the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman. Secondly, a group of photographs observes the connections between Soviet space modules and panel block apartments in Moscow.

MiYoung Kim

– “Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation”, South Korea, 2019

Project in the residence

Technique: graphics, photography, sculpture, printing techniques

Search and embodiment of the connection between the perception of history and the idea "Storage of time and memory"

Nelson Pernisco

– “Le Wonder ”, France 2018

Project "Only through man man survive"

Technique: sculpture

Sculpture Park in the courtyard of the New Tretyakov Gallery

Ulrike Schmitz

– “NOVOPO”, Germany 2018

Project "The lizards are not what they seem"

Technique: multimedia installation

Key element of the installation is a video (15 min) based on 3D animations and found footage. The installation shall encourage to reflect on the interplay between images, science and ideology. In the video Ulrike followed two ideological narratives that claim for absolute scientific truth, but their truths contradict each other.  

Winzavod artists in international residencies

Maria Agureeva

– "VIR Viafarini-in-residence", Italy 2021-2022

Project “Mirror"

Technique: video installation

"Mirror" is a site-specific video installation in which Maria examines total unpredictability of the modern world through the collision of natural and anthropomorphic bodies.

Lisa Shtormit

– Open studios 2019

– “ACME”, with the support of MOCT Foundation, United Kingdom 2020

Project «nOsense»

Technique: immersive/olfactory objects

Nosense is situation in 2020 when you have some feelings and senses, but it gives to you no sense and you feel it as like nonsence. The components of the project are sacralization, fragmentariness, symbols and sense.

Masha Ivanova

– Open Studios 2018

– “Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation”, 2019 (South Korea)

Project in the residence

Technique: installation

Environmental study, the interaction of modern technology and nature. Search for the primacy in a perception experience of Reality in today's world.

Dasha Neretina

– Open Studios 2018

– “Elephant lab” 2019 (Great Britain)

Project in the residence

Research (visits to certain museums, gardens and parks), and then revealing and translating in the art form of three London’s most characteristic botanical imagery which were an artichoke, lotus and sunflower.

Gleb Skubachevskiy

– START 2018

– Sacatar, Brasil, 2017

Project “Itaparcasaurus”

Technique: sculpture, installation, performance

There were made eight installations of creatures from bamboo trees, up to 7m
in height. Creatures were made based on the local ancient legends - these animals left the ocean and went into it.

Liza Bobkova

– START 2016

– ART Hub 2017 (Emirates)

Project in the residence

Creation of graphic works - observations: watercolor on thick paper, black and white series on chinese rice paper and on tracing paper. Shooting videos and photos of the daily chronicle -
abandoned faded toys on the roof of a residence building, everyday life of workers' settlements of migrants.