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Final exhibition of 10th studios of Winzavod
That was the dream of tomorrow for us

09 April — 31 May 2024
С6 Open Studios

Final exhibition of 10th studios of Winzavod
That was the dream of tomorrow for us

The tenth season of the Winzavod's Open Studios ends with the exhibition That was the dream of tomorrow for us.

Artists of the season: Daria Arbuzova, Julia Dibrova, Ulyana Elkina, Margarita Zhuravleva, Olga Mikhalchuk, Aksana Prutskova, Polina Savina, Elena Kholkina, Elena Sharganova, Taisiya Kamyshan. 

Anna Zaitseva, mentor of the tenth season of the Winzavod's Open Studios: "The exhibition shows that fear is the flip side of hope. About loneliness as an existential challenge that turns out to be surmountable. About how utopian projects are born and die – in reality and in the virtual world. About how life goes on even after the realization of dystopia."  

Elena Sharganova, "Radiant City", a series of textile collages

Elena Sharganova will present multi-layered textile collages fr om the Radiant City series, which reflects the fate of the utopian avant-garde Garden City project, intertwining it with the family history of the artist herself. 

Lena Holkina, "Sonie", book and installation for reading  

The artist used dreams recorded for her by visitors to Open Studios in recent months in her project. Considering sleep as a space of loneliness and at the same time an imprint of the collective unconscious, Elena Kholkina creates her installation and book based on them. 

Daria Arbuzova, "You can (not) escape", installation

Daria Arbuzova refers to the experience of leaving the online worlds. The name of the project, on the one hand, clearly hints at the inconsistency of such a practice, and on the other hand, leaves open the question: "Wh ere exactly in the end will you not be able to escape fr om reality or from your fiction?".

Julia Dibrova, "Existence", installation

At the center of the artist's work are questions about death and immortality, about the fusion of virtual and bodily, computer and human. 

Taisiya Kamyshan "45 seconds of silence", textile collage

The work "45 seconds of silence" is an observation of the nature of time and silence. 

Aksana Prutskova, "Patterns II" and "I dreamed that I was looking in the mirror, and I'm not me", installations, "Can a discussion of art be a work of art?", telegram performance 

Aksana Prutskova in her projects explores mimicry as a strategy for survival in society and raises the question of the line beyond which the loss of one's own self occurs.

Polina Savina, "The Nolle Room", installation

Polina Savina creates a post-apocalyptic world wh ere things come to life, explore their past and try to recreate the chain of events that preceded the disaster.

Margarita Zhuravleva, "Stuff", objects, video

Margarita Zhuravleva shows two projects. In one, everyday life, represented by everyday things, turns into a frozen sculptural form, a cast of the life that once gave them meaning. In another, the artist presents the viewer with a world of things fr om which a person has been removed, but which strangely continues to exist. 

Ulyana Elkina, "In layers of fears", object

The cyclopean sculpture created by Ulyana Elkina is a cake, each tier of which is covered with images of fears peculiar to different age stages of human life. The cake itself is an invariable attribute of a holiday, an event that begins the countdown of a new one. The dramaturgy of hope and fear as the flip sides of each other is at the heart of this artist's project.    

Olga Mikhalchuk, "I came up with it!", video series, installation

In the project "I came up with it!" Olga Mikhalchuk hid a video about overcoming fear in a state of loneliness in a very familiar, outwardly calm room. A world is woven from the real and the fantasy, wh ere light breaks through the darkness, no matter what happens.

Address: Open Studios (entrance C6), 4th Syromyatnichesky lane, 1/8 p. 6

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