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Luigi Bussolati
"Words about light. Travel of symbols»

26 January
19 11.12 Gallery

Luigi Bussolati
"Words about light. Travel of symbols»

At 11.12 GALLERY, the Italian photographer Luigi Bussolati will perform at the winery, widely known in the professional circles for unusual lighting solutions when shooting architecture, landscapes and design objects, which earned him the nickname "God of light". With the help of his unique technique, he achieves unusual effects and transforms objects and whole spaces beyond recognition. His recognizable style has developed over the years of reportage shooting in the theater, on television and in the cinema, including backstage with the great Federico Fellini.

At the lecture the maestro will share his discoveries in photography and the technical approach, as well as his creative search. Light will be a key topic of the lecture, to which the author attaches an almost sacred meaning: "Light as a method of metaphorical search, as the ancestor, which allows us to reveal symbols that continue the story, in which words become not so much significant".

Exhibitions of works of Bussolati are held in the largest international galleries and museum spaces. He is included in the rating of the 50 best photographers of our time. In 2003 his book "Akh: towards the sun" was published.

The lecture will be held on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "The Flesh and the Sky" by the Russian artist Valentin Korzhov. Luigi Bussolati was the photographer of most of the works presented at the exhibition. The exhibition will be held on January 24 - March 1 at 11.12 GALLERY. The British Higher School of Design provides partner support.