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Anna Selina
The garden of anhedonia

05 June — 15 July 2018
19 11.12 Gallery

Anna Selina
The garden of anhedonia

Art today is a process fr om illustrativeness, from the literal narrative to a more complex way of conveying the story: from "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch to "The Garden of Anhedonia" by the young artist Anna Selina.

This project is an outstanding example of formal imitation of artistic manner and features of stylistic ways and figurative findings. The author's method does not have narration. The artist makes a choice to figurativeness without any attention to an obvious conceptual component. The combination of the old masters' technique and symbols of the modern world are natural here. The eclectic atmosphere of the works also connects all elements at the same time: it easily coexists iconic images of different centuries together. "The Garden of Anhedonia" is, on the one hand, author's personal panopticon, and on the other, it is a series made in the best traditions of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The archaic aesthetic background of those times becomes unifying here. Under the layers of the painting, there are encrypted unreadable signs, similar to personal, unrepresentative memories. Therefore each work is self-sufficient, it is the ultimate statement: it's not the puzzle or the pieces that you need to compile. Composite of plastically and They share one attitude to pictorial space compositionally and figuratively. So the artist forms his own fantastic picture of the world for destroying it in the title diptych.

There is no room for flaws and distortions in the reality built by the author because it is devoid of all presets. The characters of "The Garden of Anhedonia" are harmonious with respect to their surroundings but at the same time, they feel anxious limbo, a tense expectation of a new uncertainty. At the same time, the life cycle of their world is rapid. In it, the first big event becomes identical to the Big Bang. The collapse of the old foundation becomes the process of formation of the new foundations of another reality, wh ere hinged dolls can be assembled again.

In her first personal exhibition, Anna Selina addresses the philosophical question of the world order. The artist synthesizes the feelings of destruction and creation in a single emotional fusion and translates it into the canvas.

*Anhedonia (gr. ἀν-negative prefix and ἡδονή - pleasure) - a state of mind, which is characterized by a decrease or loss of the ability to have fun, accompanied by the loss of activity in achieving it.