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Collective Exhibition
Process. Work. Continuation

13 April — 20 May 2022
6 U Contemporary

Collective Exhibition
Process. Work. Continuation

In the space of the U Contemporary Gallery at Winzavod, the Moscow School of Contemporary Art presents the exhibition Process. Work. Continuation. This project involved participation by current MSCA tutors.

The exhibition focuses on the ongoing process of artistic practice in a period of total anxiety and uncertainty. On the one hand, for creative people who are keenly aware of and experiencing the upheavals of the time, continuing to work becomes a difficult challenge. On the other hand, artistic practice serves as a kind of guide for returning to the daily life cycle. The continuation of the act of artistic production becomes almost the only way to get used to the new reality and find a foothold.

In the very process of work for many artists, the stages of trial, error and endless rehearsals play a more important role than a completed work of art that hides a multi-stage process. And for the viewer, perhaps, it is even more interesting to see something unfinished, which has not yet been fully comprehended by the author, which has not acquired a completely finished and designed look. This is an opportunity to look behind the scenes of the artistic process and get in touch with work in progress.

The exhibition brings together the works of artists in different media: graphics, ceramics, painting, sculpture and others. The works are presented in a sense in an unfinished state, that is, at the moment of stopping and comprehending what was done, why and what to do next with it. Most importantly, the artists will show that they do not stop and continue to think, create and transfer knowledge.

Participants: Vitaly Bezpalov, Zhanna Bobrakova, Pavel Grishin, Oleg Kuznetsov, Mikhail Levin, Roman Minaev, Anna Mokhova, Albina Mokhryakova, Ivan Novikov, Yulia Reznikova, Fedor Toshchev.

Curator: Mikhail Levin.