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Collective exhibition

08 September — 31 October 2020
19 11.12 Gallery

Collective exhibition


Collective exhibition of artists of the gallery Left leg (Omsk)

Moscow - for centuries has been and remains a cherished goal and point of attraction for all who want to achieve success. Creative people are not an exception. In the rich imagination of the nominal provincial the image of Moscow acquires fantastic features, becoming a fairytale place where all dreams come true, it is worth to get there only. As they say, in someone else's vegetable garden, carrots are always sweeter. The very name of the exhibition "Morkva" is an ironic allusion of Moscow's attractiveness for provincials.

At the same time, life outside Moscow is often also shrouded in legends. The pace slows down, the colors change, the meanings change places. With art, too. Provincial artists seem to live in a parallel world, which at first glance does not differ from the usual, but in detail finds itself an exceptional phenomenon. And all this phantasmagoria finds itself in their works.

The idea of the exhibition was born in the desire to show this peculiar culture, grown on the Siberian soil, to the Moscow viewer. The Left Foot Gallery and its artists are a phenomenal example of the unique code that provincial art carries. That is why the exposition is as close as possible to the authenticity of the original space and its original atmosphere, in which the works are subject to a paradoxical chaotic order.

The Morkva exhibition is a rare chance to immerse yourself in the provincial art scene, undoubtedly charming with its fancy colorful language any viewer accustomed to the cold order of monotonous expositions. An island of creative Omsk in Moscow blurs the fantastic boundaries of the two worlds.