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Misha Most
"Evolution 2.1"

06 September — 08 October 2017
14 White Hall

Misha Most
"Evolution 2.1"


The parallel program of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art

Curator of the exhibition: Julia Lebedeva

Author cycle: Nikolay Palazhchenko

The Contemporary Art Center "Winzavod" opens the project within the jubilee cycle "Farewell to Eternal Youth" - Misha Most "Evolution 2.1". One of the first graffiti artists in Russia, the nominee of the Kandinsky Prize, Misha Most will present a large-scale solo exhibition in Moscow. "Evolution 2.1" is the result of an experiment on the interaction of a person with a machine. The central part of the exposition will be occupied by a picturesque panel created by a robot according to the artist's sketch.

Misha Most reflects on the future of the artist's profession and wonders: how will technology affect art? Will the creation of a work of art be a mechanical process or will it remain the prerogative of an exceptional talent?

The entire space of the exhibition is a futuristic image of an experimental laboratory. In the exposition, works created in the co-authorship of man and robot - painting work in progress, the results of the experiments of the machine-artist and the artist-man.

Above the exhibition Misha Most worked together with a group of programmers Interactive Lab.

Misha Most: "A person has always tried to look into the future. With the development of technical progress, this idea has changed greatly. Today, when you can realize almost any idea, it no longer seems so romantic as it seemed at the end of the 20th century. The future has become more utilitarian. We are approaching a time when artificial intelligence increasingly replaces the real. Perhaps, very soon the museums will display works created by the synthetic mind. Reflecting on the creative processes of the future, I invited a group of programmers and a robot to co-authors. "

Curator of the exhibition Yulia Lebedeva: "Contemporary art often reproduces the guild system due to the scale of its work. In the era of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the artist had assistants and apprentices. In the twentieth century, the most striking example - "Factory" Andy Warhol, when even the name itself reflected the specifics of teamwork. Today, artists such as Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst work with a large group of assistants and assistants. In art, much is done by cars and computers. Will not artificial intelligence become the leading figure in the creation of a work of art in the future? "

Sofya Trotsenko, President of the Foundation for Support of Contemporary Art WINZAVOD: "Misha Most can be called an artist of Winzavod. We met more than ten years ago, before the official opening of the art cluster, when we were preparing a graffiti festival. Then Winzavod looked completely different, for example, the White House had no roof, and in the cellars old bottles, dated 1907, were kept. Then Misha had the first workshop here, he participated in gallery exhibitions. It is very important for us that together with Vinzavod Misha Most has gone through many stages and now we are presenting a large and bold exhibition about the future of the already established artist. "

Misha Most was born in Moscow in 1981. He started his career in 1997 at the dawn of the development of Russian street art. The artist's works were exhibited in exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Britain, USA, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and other European countries. Member of the Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art and the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (2011, 2012). Nominee for the Kandinsky Prize (2008). The organizer of festivals, the curator of exhibitions and projects, the author of lectures devoted to different areas of street art. Curator of the project "The Wall at Winzavod" (2013). In 2016 in the Bronx (New York, USA) Misha Most created one of his biggest works abroad (300 sq.m.). In 2017, on the facade of a metallurgical plant in the city of Vyksa (Nizhny Novgorod region), the artist created a monumental work of 10,000 square meters, which is a world record.