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Educational program of the VII Moscow International Biennale For Young Art

07 October — 08 December 2020
07 October —
08 December 2020
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Educational program of the VII Moscow International Biennale For Young Art


The VII Moscow International Biennale For Young Art announces the start of the educational program implemented in cooperation with the Winzavod Fund for the Support of Contemporary Art.

The program consists of three main blocks: a cycle of five international discussions "Salon of Dismissed Categories" (curated by critic and art critic Andrey Shental), "The Biennale Diary" (curated by art critic Boris Klyushnikov) that brings together various communities of theorists and art critics, and a series of master classes from printing workshops (curated by the print-market association Vkus bumagi).

One of the principles that was put into the basis of the development of the program was the approach of involvement and the horizontal principle of organization and interdisciplinarity. As one of the most important cultural events the Biennale has a great potential for uniting communities. It also contributes to the support of aspiring professionals and to the discovery of new cultural events. The creation of a versatile dialogue around the Biennale on current topics will provide an opportunity for free expression for experts and representatives of various cultural communities.

The Winzavod Fund for the Support of Contemporary Art has been working with the Biennale for many years. As one of the main purposes of the cooperation it imagines the joint implementation of programs aimed to support artists, representatives of cultural communities and their involvement in the creative process.

The educational program of the VII Biennale uses the online format, interdisciplinarity, horizontal principle of organization that has an aim to popularize contemporary art among a wide audience of viewers, regardless of their geography.

The cycle of international discussions brings together researchers, philosophers, curators and artists. Among them are: Professor Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen (UK)), adherent to the ecological approach to anthropology and psychology; Gender Studies Professor Jack Halberstam (Columbia University), who applies critical theory to the analysis of art and culture; Italian sociologist, philosopher and writer, Professor of L'Accademia di Brera in Milano Franco "Bifo" Berardi, who specializes in the study of depression; historian, doctor of philosophy Anna Mazanik (Austria), who specializes in the history of medicine; research candidate in Cultural Studies, professor of The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences Oksana Moroz; one of the leading experts in the field of performative practices, artist, working with the theme of age anthropology, Ekaterina Muromtseva and many others. 

"The Biennale Diary" in cooperation with various communities will be landed on October 20 on a digital platform figma. It will provide an opportunity for each participant to freely express themselves and will offer an open navigation to all users. Promoting the format of the Biennale as an important cultural event as well as a key occasion in order to unite and accumulate creative resources the authors of the Diary with the curator and expert of the Winzavod’s Laboratory of Art Criticism Boris Klyushnikov will create their own formats in order to establish a dialogue about art.

The participants of the project are: research group Ice Cream Cafe and Sasha Shestakova from Distributed Consciousness Cooperative with a series of podcasts on contemporary work ethics; Cyberfeminism community and Telegram channel The Wandering Star with a discussion on writing about art using the example of a Telegram messenger; multimedia project almanac Fire exploring the intersection between poetry, sound and music with a special audio guide for the exhibition; workshop Writing Practices with a 3D interview format; science fiction circle The Word For World Is Forest with a fictional tour of the exhibition in an imaginary context of sci-fi texts. The list of participants will be expanded.

Throughout the project in the digital environment there will be established a system of bibliographic references: the authors of the "Diary" will conduct a survey among artists, curators, coordinators and officials of the Biennale about books and texts that influenced their practices, creating a "bookshelf" of the project.

The educational program will be complemented by a series of online master classes from printing workshops. This section will be curated by print-market association Vkus bumagi that maintains the traditions of hand-printing techniques. Eight master classes from various workshops will introduce artists to the techniques of silk-screen printing, etching, linocut, photo-etching, risography and other types of printing.

Manual printing techniques make it possible to produce press runs and make the process of art accessible to its participants: artists and collectors. The promotion of the mastery of these techniques expands the visual narrative of artists, raises their professional level and opens up additional opportunities to them concerning the realisation of their ideas.

Among the participants are: Etching workshop, design studios ESH PRINT, Print Studio Samopal, design studio and analog printing production Hardcore Studio, silk-screen printing workshop «Print-Mafia», architecture school and workshop Architecture through Etching, experimental printing laboratory Piranesi Lab, workshop and gallery of printed graphics LITO.

Master-classes will be broadcasted on the official social media of the Biennale and Winzavod. The first broadcast will take place at 7 PM (4 PM GMT) on October 27.

The entire program is implemented in partnership with Winzavod Fund for the Support of Contemporary Art and will be presented on the Biennale website in the Educational Program section. All activities listed above are gratis.

The partner of the cycle of international discussions is social network Vkontakte.

About the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art

The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art is a large-scale project in the field of contemporary art in Russia. The Biennale’s goals are to draw attention to new talent, to foster and encourage creative initiatives of the new generation of artists and curators, to create proper conditions for their public expression and, as a consequence, to develop the contemporary art community. The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art was first held in 2008.

The project was initiated by the annual festival of young art “Stop! Who goes?" (held by the National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA) annually from 2002 to 2006) and the exhibition of young art "Workshop" (held by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art annually from 2001 to the present). The project is actively growing and continues to look for new directions in the field of supporting young art, involving various cultural institutions interested in the development of young art, as well as working with the urban environment.

The VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art will be held until December 6, it includes a program for the Main Project, special projects, an educational program, a regional portfolio review program and projects for a parallel program. Check the schedule of all projects on the official website

Winzavod Fund for the Support of Contemporary Art

Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art was founded in 2007 and is the first private center for contemporary art in Russia, uniting galleries, educational programs, studios and workshops. By congregating all areas of contemporary culture in one space open to a wide audience, Winzavod supports contemporary Russian art and creates a comfortable environment for its development. On the basis of Winzavod there was created a Fund for the Support of Contemporary Art, its strategic directions are: New Names and Education. Within the direction of Winzavod. New Names are functioning such projects as Start, Open Studios, STENA.

Within the direction of Winzavod. Education there are developed such projects as the Laboratory of Art Criticism (together with the Baza Institute), the Laboratory of Journalism, Winzavod.OPEN and the Generation Art Leadership Program. All projects are focused on expanding opportunities for aspiring professionals in the field of art and culture in general.


Andrey Shental (born in 1988, Russia) is an art critic and curator. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art Criticism from Moscow State University and a Master’s in Contemporary Critical Theory from the Center for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University. He was a senior contemporary art editor at Theory and Practice from 2013 to 2015 and a contributing editor, writer and translator for Moscow Art Magazine from 2015 to 2017. He has been a foreign correspondent for Flash Art International since 2016, and has contributed reviews, interviews, and essays to various publications and essay collections, including Artchronika,, Art Territory, Idea, Mute, Art Leaks, Little Joe, Flash Art и Frieze. Curatorial projects include: Now Showing: Austerity Measures (co-curator, London, Lisbon, Riga, Athens, Porto, Bucharest, 2013); programs Aesthetics and its Discontents, New Cosmologies, DIAMAT (all co-curated at Winzavod, Moscow; 2016, 2017–18, 2018–2019 respectively); Arseny Zhilyaev's solo exhibition The Return (Winzavod, Moscow, 2017–18) and Turbulence at Cosmoscow International Fair (co-curator, Moscow, 2020)


Boris Klyushnikov (born in 1989, Russia) is a teacher of modern art theory. Worked at the National Centre of Contemporary Art in the department of interdisciplinary programs (2013-2015) and taught a course in the theory of contemporary art at the Department of Cinema and Contemporary Art of the Russian State Humanitarian University (2015-2020). Lecturer and organizer of programs in theory and history of art at the Baza Institute. Lecturer at Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia. Since 2015 he has been teaching at the British Higher School of Art and Design.

Co-founder of the Laboratory of Art Criticism at the Winzavod CCA (with the Baza Institute). Since 2020 a teacher at the Moscow School of New Literature. Organizer of science fiction reading groups The Word For World Is Forest. Research interests include philosophy of contemporary art, video essayism and the intersection of art and science fiction.


The print-market Vkus bumagi has been held annually since 2014 at various venues in Moscow (Powerhouse, Science and Art, EMA, Central Telegraph, Winzavod CCA), in 2019 it was held at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in conjunction with the Garage Art Book Fair. The print-market Vkus bumagi is engaged in the development of circulation graphics in Russia and support of artists and specialists working with this area of art. The largest edition graphics festival in Russia and produces creative initiatives related to manual techniques of art printing on paper.



Curator Andrey Shental 

Discussions will take place online. The original language is English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.


7 PM (+3 GMT)

Discussion "All ages are submissive" 

Participants: Professor Tim Ingold (UK), artist Ekaterina Muromtseva (Russia) and Doctor of Sociology Anna Shadrina (UK).

The discussion will be moderated by Andrey Shental (Russia).


7 PM (+3 GMT)

Discussion "Tyranny of the Positive" 

Participants: Professor Eva Illouz (Israel), Master of Political Philosophy and Social Theory Natalya Protasenya (Russia), critic Boris Klyushnikov (Russia).


7 PM (+3 GMT)

Discussion "Epic fail /The praise of failure"

Participants: Professor Jack Halberstam (USA), tbt: artist Gaby Sahhar (UK), artist, critic, curator Anastasia Vepreva (Russia).


7 PM (+3 PM GMT)

Discussion "The art of social awkwardness"

Participants: artist Egor Rogalev (Russia), Associate Professor Oksana Moroz (Russia), Professor Franco “Bifo” Berardi (Italy).


7 PM (+3 GMT)

Discussion "Morbidness / Anti-Health"

Participants: historian, Ph.D. Anna Mazanik (Austria), Javi Karel (UK), Valeria Kononchuk (Russia).


20.10.2020 - 1.12.2020

Curated by Boris Klyushnikov .

Participants: research group Ice Cream Cafe, Sasha Shestakova from Distributed Consciousness Cooperativ, Cyberfeminism community and Telegram-page The Wandering Star, almanac Fire, workshop Writing Practices, science fiction circle The Word For World Is Forest, the Department of Practical Affectology, Marcuse workshop and others.

Every Tuesday the digest of the Diary will be published on the Biennale website and the website of Winzavod’s Laboratories


Curated by association of print-market Vkus bumagi.


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

The printing workshop of design studio "ESH-Gruppa"

risography technique


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Print Studio Samopal

zinmaking technique


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Design studio and analogue printing production "Hardcore Studio"

letterpress technique


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Silk-screen printing workshop "Print-mafia"

silkscreen technique


6 PM (3 PM GMT)

Architecture school and workshop "Architecture through etching"

dry point technique


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Experimental Printing Laboratory Piranesi Lab

photo etching technique


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Etching workshop 

mezzo tinto technique


7 PM (4 PM GMT)

Workshop and gallery of printed graphics LITO 

lithography technique