Winzavod CCA
Moscow, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane 1/8 105120 Kurskaya/Chkalovskaya metro station

How to find us
Administrator: +7 (495) 917 46 46, + 7 (495) 917 17 99
Lease: +7 (495) 803 33 33
Cash: + 7 (495) 917 17 99

The Wall Project

The "Wall" project is more than the exhibition area

"Wall" is an open discussion club, which actualizes the internal and external problems of graffiti culture. Each new exposition is a reasoning, a call for discussion about street art. At the winery, the project was opened in 2010. Among the artists: Alexey Kallima, Kiril Kto, CHTAK, Pasha 183, Timofey Radya, Ivan Ninety and others

Project history

WINZAVOD CCA from the very beginning had an interest in the art of graffiti, since the graffiti festival in 2006 was the first event of the Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD. "The Wall" of the WINZAVOD CCA introduced the public to the phenomenon of street art in its natural conditions, gave viewers the opportunity to observe and freely communicate with artists in the course of their work, which in everyday reality is almost impossible, since street artists are mostly anonymous and work at night.

Structure of the project

Exhibition activity: realization of personal projects of artists working in street art, public art, graffiti.

Lecture program: the growing popularity of street art, public art, graffiti leads to a steady increase in the number of practitioners and theorists, interested observers and active producers. Hence, this complex phenomenon requires comprehensive study and open discussion. It is because of the lack of information that harmful myths are formed about why people realize their creative activity in the open air. The goal of the lecture program is to tell a wide audience about the history of street art, important processes, events, and present trends