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Antanas Yacinevichius
Sound-art performance Suspense

02 April
19:30 — 20:00
9 START Project

Antanas Yacinevichius
Sound-art performance Suspense

Within the framework of the new START project Pop-up format, the artist Spitsbergen will present sound art performance Suspense  at the Palus Florens exhibition.

It is known that plants, communicating with each other, are capable of releasing chemicals into the soil. Their root system resembles a neural network; they communicate through electrical “action signals” and can calculate possible obstacles on the way.

The performance will use flasks with sprouts from several artistic institutions. Plants placed in containers and isolated from each other will have the opportunity to jointly influence sound by means of an “electronic machine” that unites them.

A laser will shine on each flask with a nascent root system, and the receiving device will “grab” the reflection of each laser beam. The unevenness of the plant environment and the unevenness of the root system will be transformed into sound.

The received signal can be both a sound signal, which the artist will then process on the synthesizer, and a signal that controls some parameter of the sound or the system in general.

Collection of guests: 19: 10-19: 20.

Start of performance: 19:30.