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Collective exhibition

03 March — 12 May 2020
22 ARTIS Gallery

Collective exhibition


Elena Umutbaeva, Maria Subbotina, Sofia Akimova and Victoria Fomina will present works dedicated to the image of a woman in art at the "Veil" exhibition. The artists as if "raise the veil", will open the veil of mystery to help the viewer to see what is behind her woman.

Elena Umutbaeva will present at the exhibition works from the "Femina" project, inspired by the model of the 60s Verushka. Femina is the image of a woman in front of a camera. Elegance, grace and refinement are embodied in thin lines, graphic silhouettes and color contrasts. The artist's desire to combine retro-stylistics and minimalism allows her to create laconic and elegant compositions.

Maria Subbotina's paintings are notable for their brightness and rich colouring. Combining the incongruous, placing familiar characters in unusual situations, literally depicting an allegorical, the artist creates works-fantasy, filled with irony and hidden meaning. Surrealistic absurdity of the compositions refers the audience to the contradictory nature of women, their ability to combine different images.

Sofia Akimova has created a gallery of women's images, which show the viewer how the image of the model becomes a portrait of the heroine. Starting with sketches that depict the sensuality of the pose and the attraction of the woman's body, the artist moves towards "exposing" the character of the model. The lightness and speed with which the impersonal poser was grabbed becomes more and more bodily and meticulously elaborated when creating the portrait.

Central to the work of Victoria Fomina are historical and mythological characters - women. Such a choice allows the artist to build a bizarre game between reality and myth. Characters of historical characters Victoria comprehends through their outfits. She creates portraits without depicting faces, but the detailed elaboration of details and sizes of decorative inserts do not allow to fully understand what is written as an image of a person.