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Vladimir Dubosarsky, Vladimir Potapov
All palettes go to heaven

05 December — 20 January 2019
14 White Hall
05 December —
20 January 2019
14 White Hall
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12:00 — 20:00


250 ₽

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Students - 150 ₽

Vladimir Dubosarsky, Vladimir Potapov
All palettes go to heaven

A joint exhibition of Vladimir Dubosarsky and Vladimir Potapov will open on December 4 at the Winzavod in White Hall. It will demonstrate two different models of work with contemporary painting: each of the artists in their manner addresses the themes of experience, memory, time, using a vast arsenal of artistic languages ​​and techniques. Vladimir Dubosarsky included in the exposition three series of works, each of which was created specifically for the exhibition at Winzavod. Among them are a large-scale triptych “The Girl Illuminated by the Sun” and two series balancing between figurative and abstraction - “Trunks” and “Invoices”. The central place in his works is the image. A series of Vladimir Potapov includes about three dozen works. In it, the author is experimenting with the technique of creating a multi-layered image: images from old images appear as phantoms through multiple layers of acrylic enamel. Picturesque overlays become a materialized memory metaphor. For Vladimir Potapov, the picture itself comes to the fore in its spatial multidimensionality. The exhibition includes the most popular series of the artist of recent years - "Inside." “Memory is a projection of time in its non-linear terms,” says the artist. According to Vladimir Dubosarsky, he is interested in “hybrid painting”, open to any languages ​​and materials. Setting himself certain tasks within the project, the artist is free to drift in this diversity, eluding formulations. In a wide range of possibilities of modern visual culture, Dubosarsky sees the path to freedom of expression. The lyric and ironic name of the exhibition beats up the artists ’attitude towards modern painting: “Modern painting has no freedom. Conceptual painting emerged from the bondage and bears its imprint. I want to “live painting”, to rest from being able to kill the painter in myself all the time”, says Vladimir Dubosarsky.