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08 June — 08 July 2018
А Territory of WINZAVOD CCA


Winzavod Foundation represents a new trend in support of educational initiatives in the field of contemporary art, aimed at popularizing current approaches and strategies in educational practices. Within the framework of this trend and Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, the first project is opened that will unite the best educational practices — the long-term program of Winzavod.Open.

The principal event of the program will be the opening of exhibitions of four educational institutions in the field of culture: British Higher School of Art&Design, the Baza Institute, the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia, HSE Art and Design School.

A significant part of the educational program will be a Discussion program of Institute of Contemporary Art.  Within the framework of Moscow International Biennale for Young Art will also be presented the final exhibition of the first season artists of “Open Studios at Winzavod”. The goal of Winzavod.Open program is to present the strategies of educational process as well as the results of the activities of most progressive educational initiatives and to make education an open and available system.

The opening of Winzavod.Open holds June 8 at 9PM. To the launch of the project, participants will prepare performances, concerts and a video program. Guests will be welcomed by a special dj set from Kirill Ivanov (SBPCH).

Winzavod.Open project consists of two parts: an exhibition program and an educational program, which goal is to show different approaches to education in the field of contemporary culture. The educational program launches on June 9 and will last until the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition program

British Higher School of Art and Design

"britanka_coop", Big Winery
Curators: Svetlana Taylor, Mikhail Levin, Dasha Biryukova, Galya Solodovnikova, Polina Bakhtina, Vitaliy Borovik, Tatiana Chizhikova

“britanka_coop” — a group project of students of three programs of the faculty "Visual Arts" BHSAD. At the heart of the exposition of each course lies a certain theme and methods of artistic research, within the framework of which students reconsider discourses of contemporary art and forms of art expressiveness. Students of "Contemporary Art" program will present an exposition called "Ritual", at "Multimedia Art" ("Photography and Video Art") course students worked with unclouded future and false memories, and the program "Scenography" in collaboration with the Creative Association "BoroviCHi" reconsidered Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and will present a dynamic installation "Practice of Relativity".

The Baza Institute

"Strange, lost, unprecedent, useless", Red Hall
Curator: Anatoly Osmolovsky

The main goal of the exhibition is probing and examination of the actual art process. In 2018 there is a significant interest in avant-garde practices in the artistic process in Moscow. What does it mean? It means that artists create artifacts of a vague genre, something that is at the interface between performance and sculpture, action and installation. Another characteristic feature of the avant-garde is the shift in the goal-setting, that is, in a sense, an absurd, functional meaning attached to the work of art.

Students and graduates of the Baza Institute take part in the exhibition.
Students: Alexander Golynsky, Anya Belousova, Dmitry Evmenenko, Tikhon Penkin, Ksenia Kudrina, Andrey Ishonin, Vladimir Kartashov, Abram Rebrov, Viktor Zhdanov, Fedor Dubrovin, Olga Mashinets, Dmitry Zhiltsov, Maria Koroleva, Saida Sattarova, Svetlana Artemieva.

Graduates: Denis Stroev, Irina Petrakova, Alek Petuk, Alexander Gorelikov, Ivan Novikov, the group "Govno", Maria Efremenko, Vitaly Bezpalov, Nikita Spiridonov, Dasha Grigorieva, Anton Kushaev, Veronika Aktanova, Alexander Plusunin, Maxim Afanasiev.

HSE Art and Design School

"The observer's affect", Big Winery
Curator: Arseny Sergeev

The "Observer's affect" project initiates the beginning of admission on a bachelor's program "Contemporary Art" at Higher School of Economics that includes both a deep immersion in the history and philosophy of art, critical theory and visual research, and a practical approach works of an artist, supervisors, critics and researches of contemporary art. Within the framework of the program under the supervision of famous theorists and artists were opened such educational programs as "Artist and curator", "Cinema and videoart" and "Photography and multimedia".

The theme of the exhibition is the relationship between an Observer (an artist and a viewer) and a phenomenon Observed (reality and art), between a subject and an object of the creative process. The role of an artist and his/her audience might be comparable with the role of a scientist, who registers a scientific experiment and initiates changes. The reaction of an observer to an art object is essentially “an affect” — an emotional response, an action caused not only by a context, but also by an observer’s experience, character and mood.

The exposition unfolds inside the exhibition space as a site-specific total installation. Within the exposition it is planned to show all actual genres of contemporary art: video, performance, object, interactive installations, multimedia projects, painting, drawing. The unifying element of the exhibition is the use of performativity as a basic motive for working on a project and / or interacting with a viewer.

The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia

"Classroom meeting", White Hall
Head of "Classroom meeting": Sergey Bratkov
The collector of video projects and video programs: Dmitry Venkov and Kirill Preobrazhensky

The presented exhibition is a collection of personal and group exhibitions held in the Rodchenko School for the last year. The exhibition will demonstrate the process and results of the various classes of the School: workshops "Direct Photography" (Igor Mukhin), "Project Photography" (Vlad Efimov), "Video Art" (Kirill Preobrazhensky, Dmitry Venkov), "Interactive, communication and mixed media, installation, media performance, sound art" (Aristarkh Chernyshev, Alexey Shulgin), "Documentary photography" (Valery Nistratov), "Photography, sculpture, video" (Sergey Bratkov), "Manual print in the laboratory" (Lyudmila Zinchenko), "Artistic tactics and strategies. Contemporary Photography" (Kirill Savchenkov), "Laboratory of Sound" (Andrei Smirnov).

Participants of the "Class Meeting" are students of the Rodchenko School.

Institute of Contemporary Art

Discussion program "Practice, theory, community: how art changes reality?", Vintage Hall

A special discussion program prepared by Institute of Contemporary Art is devoted to the key issues that are important for young artists, as well as for everyone interested in modern culture.
During a series of open discussions, presentations and roundtables, young artists, supervisors and activists, students, graduates and teachers of the ICA will discuss a wide range of topics and the ones related to the role and prospects of art in the today and tomorrow world full of potential and uncertainty.

Is it possible for art to be not just an adornment, but a way of changing the reality, improving people's lives in the communicative society of our time?
In what conditions do artistic experiments, the search for new meanings, prove to be the most productive?
Should modern art exist in narrow disciplinary frameworks, or is it an inalienable, albeit the most new and volatile part of the public sphere, an indispensable component of the culture of civil society in the twenty-first century?

"Open Studios at Winzavod"

"Victory over white", CCA Winzavod*
Curator: Andrey Parshikov

The exhibition "Victory over white" completes the first season of the project "Open Studios at Winzavod". Eight artists worked for six months in a single open-space, separated by small partitions, regularly presenting new works to the public.

The space of "Open Studios" due to its specifics dictated the request for a simultaneous display of the product and the means together with the methods of its production, and preferably the process itself. Just about this tells us the project "Victory over white".

The paraphrase of the futuristic Matyushin and Kruchenykh’s opera name "Victory over the Sun" refers to all the famous exposition of Malevich 0.10 as a symbol of an autoreferent exhibition and, above all, a display asking questions about his own registers and his system, as well as about the location of the exposition as a method in art.
Three key questions faced the artists: the combination of the exposition space from the workshop and the separation between the galleries and the workshop, the priority of showing the process or result of the process, the relevance of the white cube that survived the multiple crisis.

Artists: Alexey Zhuchkov, Vladimir Kartashov, Anton Kushaev, Daria Neretina, Hasmik Melkonyan, Kristina Strunkova, Denis Uranov, MAXIMMIXAM. 
*The fnal exhibiton of the artsts of the frst season of "Open Studios at Winzavod" will open in the framework of Moscow Internatonal Biennale for Young Art.

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