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Anton and Alexei Tvorogovy
Tapir and the Bird

22 October — 28 November 2019
22 ARTIS Gallery

Anton and Alexei Tvorogovy
Tapir and the Bird

Anthropomorphic cartoon characters will come to life at the Tvorogov brothers' exhibition "Tapir and the Bird" in ARTIS GALLERY space.

The charming magic of cartoons is born due to the fact that magic worlds come to life on the screen, allowing to know the surrounding reality for children, transmitting a wave of warm feelings and nostalgia to adults. Pictures by Walt Disney, Hayao Miyazaki, Wes Anderson tell about interesting characters, fascinating stories that happen to them, making the audience empathize and giving the opportunity to dream and live the story together with the cartoon characters. Can heroes exist outside the story and what happens to them outside the story?

Artists Alexey and Anton Tvorogovs develop this theme in a series of works that will be presented at the exhibition "Tapir and Bird" from October 22 to November 28 at ARTIS GALLERY. The characters of the Tvorogov brothers' paintings exist outside the context of a specific fairytale history. The intentional departure from the plot is conditioned by the desire of the artists not to build a complete panorama of the imaginary world. The viewer's attention is focused on the characters because the space around them loses importance and merges with a single plane of the background.

The very concept of "hero" in the works of the Tvorogov brothers is blurred: there is no need for them. There are no main and secondary, positive or negative characters, there is no hierarchy, because there is no plot within which it could exist. Therefore, the "heroes" of the work are trees and mushrooms on an equal footing with animals.

Characters animated by their creators, as a rule, give human traits to their characters more accurately resonate with the emotions of the audience. The Tvorogov brothers continue this line, developing anthropomorphism and sometimes bringing it to the extreme so that the wings of the bird turn into the hands of human hands.

Artists' works by acrylics are stylized as typographical prints, which is clearly linked to the genre of comics and the correlation with the works of Roy Lichtenstein and Takashi Murakami. Local colors, active planes of bright colors and clear lines embody in the space of the picture the existence of the world created by the authors.