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Kirill Lebedev (Who)

07 March — 15 April 2018
22 Triangle Gallery

Kirill Lebedev (Who)

Gallery Δ Triangle is pleased to present the third exhibition of Kirill Lebedev (Who), (born in Zelenograd in 1984, lives and works in Moscow.) The exhibition is devoted to a special genre of artistic dialogue and will consist of works created jointly or in interaction with each other by Cyril Who and the following artists: Misha Bury, Ivan Simonov (Little People), Tatyana Budyak, Ksenia Turenko, Dmitry Lyashenko.

"I always liked doing everything myself. And I liked everything beautiful. And immediately. If you like it, then immediately, if you do not like it, then you will not like it afterwards. In a year or so I was scalded with boiling water because I pulled on a beautiful napkin, and there was a kettle on it. Burns were all over the body. Now only one is visible.

I also had a mother (Tatyana Budyak), father, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousin Danil, cousin Andrey, aunts, uncles, second cousin, friends around the yard and school. Bride in the kindergarten Olya Lysenko and friend Vladik Dildin. I had a lot of friends in my childhood, but since then I've been communicating with two or three. Many have disappeared, changed too much, settled down, left. Someone does not exist at all.

But I played one more often. In the forest, when I was in Zelenograd, in the field, when I was in Krivoy Rog. It was interesting to get beetles fr om under the logs. It was interesting to climb trees and attics. Then there were the "Cossack robbers", there were games "in the square", there were campaigns for apples, there were trips with Kolya "to nature" - he was an avid fisherman and went to the stakes, and I took a net and went to catch insects or collect berries of the turn . There were fights of the courtyard in the courtyard, driving on the Tarzan and construction of huts.

In the 10-11 years I bought the videos, I decided that you need to ride very well. He got up at 5 am and rode around the neighboring vocational school. There, early in the morning, I met Cyril. The vocational school was hooligan and it was quite a tough type, but we became friends and began to ride together. He also rode very well. What now with him - I do not know. In the same place, I first saw a picture on the wall with a can. Nearby it was written "Dry. Graffiti pages". I'm glad I know this man. His name is Roma Várodi.

The first inscription ballonikom (markers and pens much earlier), I made in Ukraine, on a waffle fence behind the railway depot, wh ere my grandmother Galya and I went to look at locomotives, and with Sasha Subbotin to collect pellets and sulfur. It was written "Sex". It was in 95m or 96m. In general, there should be written a year or you can find a film. My brother Danil Budyak and friend Oleg Panov helped me. In 2013 Sasha Kurmaz, a Kiev photographer, saw her live, took a video on an iPhone - it was night, it was dark. A girl from Kislovodsk, I sent a photo of this work with a hint (I had many addresses, I corresponded from 1996 to 2003 with a hundred people, now I communicate with only one person from those). Well, and so on.

Actually, the exhibition about this "all". About what is best to do everything yourself. From the beginning to the end, he thought of it himself, thought it through, made it himself, used it himself, broke it, then repaired it himself. But sometimes it is possible, although it is monstrously energy-consuming, it is often useless to do something together. Call a friend or find an accomplice. Sometimes it even turns out. "