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Sasha Ardabyev
Social box

22 January — 22 February 2019
22 ARTIS Gallery

Sasha Ardabyev
Social box

The personal project of Sasha Ardabiev SOCIAL BOX in ARTIS GALLERY is devoted to three important components of the modern youth culture: emotional experiences, clothes, and social networks, as a podium for demonstrating these components.

The artist - one of the earliest representatives of the DIY Internet community, which appeared in Russia in the early 2000s, initially distributed his graphic works through Vkontakte publics. Now, presenting a new personal project, Sasha reflects on the origins of his work and the Internet space, where it has gained its first fame. Representation and design of your own image in social networks is the most pressing question for the author.

Different media are responsible for each of the thematic components of the exhibition. Emotions Ardabiev explores EAZY SASHA's series of works, graphic digital illustrations, where emoji and text reflecting the spirit of the times are used to convey the plots and moods of the characters.

The significance of clothes for the modern person and the obsession with brands is transmitted through the installation of the character CHEAP SASHA, an alternative embodiment of the artist. This hero, who dresses no more than 3,000 rubles in a massmarket, tries to follow fashion and copy advertising images. Initially having emerged as a parody instagram project, CHEAP SASHA gained popularity and recognition from ordinary users of social networks and editors of glossy magazines.

LIE MAGAZINE is an electronic journal, the chief editor of which the IIRIS robot talks about the development of two teenagers who met on the social network. Magazine authors Sasha Ardabyev and Dima Shchadrin are presented on behalf of fictional characters whose work interests people (1st place in the Apple store under the heading "Electronic Publications"), who do not know that they have a constructed postmodern text.

The name of the exhibition SOCIAL BOX is, on the one hand, an allusion to the ARTIS GALLERY space, in which the exhibition takes place: a repository of people and events, evenly covered with brilliant sterile tiles. On the other hand, social today is associated primarily with social networks - the place that spawned and raised all parts of Sasha Ardabiev's personal exhibition: illustrations were distributed through public, CHEAP SASHA appeared through instagram, and the magazine is an ingenious parody of gloss, originally conceived for ipad.