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Reinar Foreman

03 March — 30 July 2020
22 Fine Art Gallery
03 March —
30 July 2020
22 Fine Art Gallery
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13:00 — 20:00



Reinar Foreman


The project "MONSTERA" by the Icelandic artist Reinar Foreman includes paintings.

"At first, painting was just a hobby for me," says the artist, I worked in the housekeeping of a large building - engaged in household chores - made hamburgers, washed floors. And suddenly one of my works was bought. It gave me the impulse to quit my work and concentrate only on painting classes".

Now the artist lives in Brussels, his solo exhibitions have been held in several galleries in Europe, works are in many private collections. "Sources of inspiration for my art are photography and film from the 1920s to the 1960s, as well as works by Francis Bacon, Basquiat and Andy Warhol, especially his photographs. In my work I often use images from old comics, boulevard literature in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Recently I discovered American eroticism for housewives, which led to the creation of a new series of works "Grid Stocking".

Painting Reinard Forman is figurative, his paintings often tell surreal - absurd stories. For example, in the work "Trendy Alien" alien girl in a green suit and dark glasses depicted next to the old with a film camera. Icelandic astronaut Bjarni Trigvason is portrayed as a comic book hero in a raspberry suit and with a gun in his hand. The light, free and expressive manner of painting and unusual color combinations - pink / yellow, pink green, purple / blue - create a unique and unusual atmosphere in the world of paintings by Reinard Foreman.

"Most often I use pink in my painting," the artist says. "Pink is very aggressive, it provokes, so I want to take the viewer out of the comfort zone", explains Reinard. Many of the paintings depict old techniques - vintage cars, vending machines, washing machines, movie cameras and petrol stations. The automatons and cars in Forman's paintings live their own mysterious lives, almost like in Stephen King's horror novels. Many of Forman's works confuse, irritate, mix up, inspire, and make the audience think and seek associations.