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Tatiana Bashlakova

25 January — 26 February 2022
22 Triangle Gallery

Tatiana Bashlakova

Triangle Gallery is pleased to announce "Dissociation", the first personal exhibition of paintings by Tatiana Bashlakova.

Pictures can create an illusion, pretend to be portals to another reality with it`s own laws of space and time. Most of Tatiana Bashlakova`s works are composed like scenes, film stills, as if the artist made us look through her personal vision. This realm combines perception, imagination, memory and the logic of painting itself.

Tatiana studied fine arts and illustration at the British Higher School of Art and Design and at the Higher School of Economics, but before that she was trained as a clinical psychologist. The artist integrates her background into the art practice - the experience of psychoanalysis feeds the artist`s work, while painting turns out to be a technique of introspection, almost a therapeutical method. We can watch how it works.

Colors outline scenes and immediately "slide" into abstraction to capture the subjective sensation. The lines lose their clarity, the figures become overgrown with masses, as if they carry their burden. The facial features in the portraits are smeared like make up. This is a familiar reality, but seen through the eyes of the artist and completed by her creative self. We, the audience, are given the privilege not only to look through the eyes of the author, but with it`s help to look inside - on the other side of seeing.

Painting provides a unique opportunity to open up the inner world for oneself and for the other, but also to regain power over it.

Alexander Merekin