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Cubo3 libre Exhibition Opening

30 May 2024
Cubo3 libre is a total installation consisting of 9 total installations.
The name is a periphery of the slogan of the Cuban revolution, which can now have such free translations as "Freedom Cube", "Freedom Cube" and even "Freedom in Cuba"!
Although each artist participating in the installation received a limited fixed number of cubic meters of the hall. But at the same time, his creative freedom was not limited by anything: neither the theme, nor the medium, nor the choice of material.
Artists have created their own worlds in which only laws and rules invented by themselves apply. Or maybe there are no rules at all, no restrictions for expressing thoughts, feelings, experiences and dreams!

The number 3 added to the name is needed not only to carry out the construction into a cube, but also creates a "semantic magic of numbers".
The first time we raise it to the 3rd degree is a cube, a three-dimensional space that the artist creates, fills it with objects and meanings. The second time we raise it to the 3rd degree - if the cube is raised to a cube again, we get — 9! These are nine artists creating a shared space!

We invite viewers to walk through space, look into the universes of artists, become not just a spectator, but a participant, and feel that real art cannot be kept in any enclosed space! It will always find a way out, through any walls and locked doors!

The exhibition is attended by artists, graduates of the MMOMA School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops", the workshop "Object and Installation", head Eldar Ganeev.

List of participants: Nadezhda Bogomolova, Dina Borovik, Anna Demina, Maria Isaeva, Alexey Korzhikov, Nikita Makeev, Anna Smirnova, Andrey Soul, Victor Tsiranidi

Curator: Eldar Ganeev.

The exhibition runs from June 1 to June 27.

Since the installation is a "living" genre of contemporary art, the artist can complement or modify the exposition after the start of the exhibition. Then we have provided two discoveries.
The first opening is on May 31 at 19:30, and the second is on June 11 also at 19:30.
By the second opening, the artists will complement their installations, as well as prepare small new activities for visitors — performances and happenings.

CCA Winzavod, Excise hall.

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