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New features in the new season 2019 from Winzavod: education initiatives

26 February 2019
In 2019, Winzavod expands the space of opportunities for novice cultural professionals.

Winzavod determined the formation of a new circle of professionals in the art system as its main task.

To accomplish this task, Winzavod chose two strategic directions - New Names and Education. The first direction unites START projects (and the new START.Pop-up format), Open Studios project and WALL project; the second direction combines the Leadership Program Generation Art, the Laboratory of Art Criticism and the Laboratory of Journalism, Philosophical Club and Winzavod.Open.

Within the framework of two directions, Winzavod identifies deficiencies and develops formats to fill them with professional staff. Winzavod will complement the 2019 program with new initiatives to promote contemporary art and culture in general.

Winzavod launches a new Leadership Program Generation Art - an internship and development program for managers, designers, and PR specialists.

For projects in the field of culture (art, fashion, theater, cinema, etc.), Winezavod opens up a pop-up space, which may begin as a resident or existing projects for a period of one day to two months.

For interdisciplinary initiatives, a new format of project START has been launched - Pop-up, with an open entrance to create a collaboration with the project's artists.

For street artists - an open competition for WALL project (launch at the end of March).

For journalists and critics - the Laboratory of Art Criticism (jointly with the BAZA Institute) and the Laboratory of Journalism (together with TASS).

For young artists - workshops in the Open Studios Winery (competition twice a year).

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30 November 2023
29 November 2023
New residence of “Lonely Android” and “Giraffoles”. Two sculptures fr om the Artmossphere biennale moved to Apatity and joined the collection of the Center for Contemporary Art “Radiance”.

“Cultural exchanges in institutions are always a complex but important process. In contemporary art it is not as strongly developed as, for example, in classical museums, wh ere works from the collections are constantly toured. The Winzavod Foundation has repeatedly donated works to the collection, expanding the presence of contemporary art in institutions across the country. Therefore, the opportunity to transfer two objects from the Artmossphere biennale to the collection of the Center for Contemporary Art “Radiance” is another success for us. We hope for a long life for “Giraffoles” and “Lonely Android” in a new place,” Sofya Trotsenko, founder of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art.

The photo shows a new place of residence in Apatity, but here and here videos with the authors of two objects: Misha Most and the Chekharda bureau, is available for viewing.

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