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Nine new exhibitions in the resident galleries of the CCA Winzavod

28 May 2024
On May 28, in Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art hosted a traditional Opening Day Evening, where 9 new exhibitions opened in the resident gallery:

XL Gallery presented FARANGIZ RA's solo exhibition "About Time". The sources for Farangiz are the legends and traditions of her country, people, nature and she herself is an author who presents to the audience her view of Oriental culture, stereotypes and gender issues. The exhibition will run until June 29.

pop/off/art gallery presented the works of the artist Albert Soldatov as part of the personal exhibition "Deepfake". In the new project, the author explores "submedial spaces" — digital zones beyond human control, described by Boris Groys in the text "Under suspicion. The Phenomenology of Media". The exhibition will run until July 3.

At 11.12 GALLERY, artist Rinat Voligamsi presented the project "Human". The image of a person in his works is inanimate, without any individual characteristics. And to match their surroundings, people who grew up in this environment appear to us conditionally recognizable and supernaturally real. The exhibition will run until July 6.

Alena Romanova's personal exhibition "Observers" has opened at the Totibadze Gallery. Some of the works relate to the "urban cycle". The art objects represent the body of the city with its spontaneous architecture, landscape and people. Several more sheets were written specially for the exhibition, which echo Romanova's "Masterpieces". United in the "Observers", these two cycles begin to interact and acquire a completely new perspective and meaning. The exhibition will run until July 5th.

FINEART Gallery presented Katya Belyakovskaya's solo exhibition "The Beautiful is Far away". The diverse interests of Moscow artist, illustrator and designer Katya Belyavskaya this year led to the creation of an exhibition consisting of paintings, author's tarot cards and things - art objects created in collaboration with designer Vera Prokina. The exhibition will run until July 5th.

BIS ART Gallery has opened Tasia Vasilkova's solo exhibition "The Kiss of our Muses" — a new look at the theme of inspiration, which everyone formulates himself, completing the plots of paintings based on the body as a physical phenomenon. By passing them through themselves, the viewer gets the opportunity to find the face of his muse. The exhibition will run until June 11.

A collective exhibition of first-year undergraduate students fr om the British Higher School of Design has opened at U Contemporary. The third in a series of exhibitions exploring the possibilities of what a gallery space can be. Foundation Art&Design students from the British Graduate School of Design participate in each iteration. The exhibition will run until June 8.

The Triangle Gallery presented the overview exhibition "Circle of the Triangle". The review exhibition brings together artists who have already become stars and those who are at the beginning of this path, confirming the Triangle's mission - to find talents and open them to the general public not only in Russia. The exhibition will run until July 31.

Generative Gallery presented Diana Artemyeva's solo exhibition Master of the Real. In her project, Diana Artemyeva refers to The Sims, one of the most important video games in history. In this simulation game, users, escaping from their own reality, can create an ideal world wh ere everything they want appears at the click of keys and entering a cheat code. The exhibition will run until July 5th.

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(the photo shows the work of Alyona Romanova from the series "Observers" in Totibadze Gallery)

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