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20 June 2024
As part of the new direction of Winzavod.Gravity and the exhibition "What are you afraid of?" the team of the local brands shop LCLS.RU together with the Moscow brand of craft interior scented candles Unification love present a unique line of candles "Obsidian".

The concept of the candle is inspired by the works of the artists of the exhibition "What are you afraid of?", where the anxiety of loneliness and the search for a reliable, safe home are among 29 fears.

The candle in the form of frozen lava symbolises the inevitable and steady approach of danger. It slowly melts, releasing red-hot lava that gradually floods everything around it. This serves as a metaphor for the imminent onset of something negative or threatening that cannot be stopped or avoided. The light fr om the candle creates an illusion of safety and cosiness, but as the wax melts, the lava begins to protrude outwards, reminding us of the hidden danger that could descend upon us at any moment. This image can be used to convey feelings of vulnerability, anxiety and inevitability in the face of danger.

Flavour: Dragon's Blood | Burn time: 4 hours. Produced in Russia in a limited edition. 

The Obsidian candle line is already available in the LCLS. shop at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary art and online at, wh ere you can also see a special selection of 29 unique items of clothing and accessories referring to the concept of the exhibition.

Winzavod. Gravity is an exhibition, publishing and public programmes that aims to assemble an anthology of contemporary art. Every year Winzavod.Gravity presents a large-scale exhibition, the theme of which is determined by a guest curator, and publishes a catalogue book, which includes documentation of the exhibition and research on a given theme with the involvement of external experts. At the same time, Winzavod.Gravitation implements a public programme that exposes the format of the anthology and the theme of the annual exhibition as widely as possible.

Unification love is a Moscow brand specialising in the creation of author's craft interior scented candles. The brand actively cooperates with artists and designers, creating exclusive line-collaborations. All candles are handmade, guaranteeing high quality and uniqueness of each product.

LCLS. - represents independent local streetwear brands. One of the main goals of the project is to support and develop the local fashion scene. The shop's collection includes a large selection of unique Russian clothing brands associated with various street styles and subcultures. "We believe in the local industry and support it together with our customers."

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