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The Baza Institute opens the receipt of applications for admission for the next academic year

23 July 2018

On August 15, the Institute of Baza opens the acceptance of applications for admission for the next academic year in two directions: an artist and an art critic.

The training program is based on theoretical courses and practical exercises. Students are offered the necessary initial theoretical basis: the history of 20th century art, which is taught as a rigorous logical system, is based on the ideas of Clement Greenberg and Michael Fried, as well as leading critics of the October magazine.

The main course is read by Anatoly Osmolovsky, Konstantin Bokhorov, Boris Klyushnikov, Yegor Sofronov, Ivan Novikov. Separately, Dima Filippov's practical course "Fix Price" is planned.

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30 November 2023
29 November 2023
New residence of “Lonely Android” and “Giraffoles”. Two sculptures fr om the Artmossphere biennale moved to Apatity and joined the collection of the Center for Contemporary Art “Radiance”.

“Cultural exchanges in institutions are always a complex but important process. In contemporary art it is not as strongly developed as, for example, in classical museums, wh ere works from the collections are constantly toured. The Winzavod Foundation has repeatedly donated works to the collection, expanding the presence of contemporary art in institutions across the country. Therefore, the opportunity to transfer two objects from the Artmossphere biennale to the collection of the Center for Contemporary Art “Radiance” is another success for us. We hope for a long life for “Giraffoles” and “Lonely Android” in a new place,” Sofya Trotsenko, founder of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art.

The photo shows a new place of residence in Apatity, but here and here videos with the authors of two objects: Misha Most and the Chekharda bureau, is available for viewing.

Press folder and photo materials here