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History of Street Art: Winzavod's Version

31 March
16:00 — 17:30

History of Street Art: Winzavod's Version

The launch of a new tour through street art on March, 31, at 16:00.

The informal opening of CCA Winzavod in 2006 was accompanied by a large graffiti festival: it involved participation of more than 70 artists. This event became the first collective statement of street culture in Russia, which forever connected Winzavod with the names of famous street artists: Dmitry Aske, Ivan Ninety, Misha Most, Vladimir Abikh, Kirill Kto, Vova Perkin, Ivan Simonov and others.

Over the past 15 years, Winzavod has implemented many significant street art projects including the City Laboratory,the Wall Project and the world's first street art biennale ARTMOSSPHERE. These events have left their mark on the walls of the contemporary art center.

During the tour you are going to:

– get acquainted with the works of key street art artists on the territory of Winzavod;

– learn the main stages of the development of street art in Russia and worldwide;

– understand the difference between styles and movements in contemporary street art;

– find out where the border between street art and vandalism lies.

In the picture represented  artwork made by Amaro Abreu.