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Open Call for the fifth Laboratory of Journalism

02 March — 02 April 2020

Open Call for the fifth Laboratory of Journalism


Winzavod Laboratory of Journalism announce an open call for young authors and invite them to take part in the project.

Applications for participation are accepted fr om March 2 to April 2, 2020.

We are waiting for applications fr om beginner authors who are passionate about current media formats, are interested in contemporary art and are motivated to act actively in the cultural space. 


The Laboratory of Journalism was launched by the Foundation for Support of Contemporary Art of Winzavod in 2017 as part of the strategic direction "Education". Over the past two years, the project's graduates have taken part in the Institute's landmark projects, covered important cultural events across Russia, plunged into the process of contemporary art and acquired portfolios for their further successful careers. 

The laboratory combines two formats - individual work with a media industry professional who corrects and develops the author's style and journalistic skills in personal communication with the laboratory assistant. In the second part, all project participants attend an intensive session, where they meet and communicate with leading experts from various fields of modern media space. 

Project experts 

Irina Saminskaya, head of the Journalism Laboratory at the Winzavod.

Marina Antsiperova, journalist, senior editor of the Blueprint.

Evgeny Gutsal, general producer of digital-agency Divico, which works in conjunction with UTV holding (Yu, Muz-TV, Disney) and produces video content for the Internet, the company's assets - YouTube show, Instagram-series, public network VK, as well as a number of projects in TikTok.

Suyumbike Davlet-Kildeeva, blogger, singer, public relations specialist, editor-in-chief of "Shop", columnist in GQ magazine.

Anton Kotenev, a free critic.

Ekaterina Livergant, creative producer of "M-production media", chief editor of projects for the TV channel "Russia-Kultura".

Darya Palatkina, editor of the "Big Museum" project.

Maria Semendyayeva, scriptwriter at the Lorem Ipsum bureau, co-author of the podcast "Also Russia" in the studio of the project "Regiment".

The materials allowed for publication are published on the project's website and make up the portfolio of Lorem Ipsum graduates. 


Among the partners of the project is the largest information agency in Russia, TASS, wh ere laboratory assistants receive training, as well as receive priority in admission for an internship.

Another permanent partner of the Laboratory is the media project Big Museum, wh ere the platform for popularization of contemporary Russian art works, and each laboratory assistant can become an author of his own research on the chosen topic with further publication.

As part of the internship with the Bolshoi Museum, the laboratory assistants of the fourth set prepared longrides:

- Quir-aesthetic in the work of Mamyshev-Monro;

- Mass culture, quotation and repetition in contemporary art;

- Process-oriented sculpture;

- Living in a cage, chopping icons, allowing yourself to be killed: what is performance and how it became art.

In the previous joint project the laboratory assistants of the third set were engaged in description of some exhibits participating in the exhibition "Russia Does Itself" of the Polytechnic Museum.

Thanks to the Foundation's support, the Laboratory has three grants for regional applicants to participate in the project, which covers the cost of coming to Moscow to participate in an interview and an intensive session.

Upon completion of the Laboratory all participants have an opportunity to maintain contacts with experts, take part in further activities of the Winery, regularly receive information about external projects, vacancies and grants. 


1. Citizenship of the Russian Federation and age not less than 19 years.

2. Incomplete or higher education at the specialty of humanitarian or related to media communications (pr and marketing)

3. Relevant experience in the chosen direction (internship, work, availability of publications on art, design, architecture and fashion).

4. English language

Conditions for participation:

1. Letter of motivation, not more than 1800 characters in total.

2. Video, lasting on average 1 minute, with a short story about why you want to become a member. Video can be shot on any video recording device, including a mobile phone.

3. CV with information about the applicant: age, education, contact details, work experience (if available).

4. Work portfolio: links to the applicant's articles and video.

Applications are accepted by mail at

The training is free of charge.

Stages of the contest:

1. Acceptance of applications from applicants: March 2 - April 2

2. Interview: April 5

3. Announcing the list of lab technicians: April 5

4. Setting day: April 6.

Stages of Laboratory operation:

1. Remote part: 

Work with experts: April 13 - June 19

2. The front end:

Session-intensive: June 24 - 28