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Laboratory of New Media

01 August — 30 November 2020

Laboratory of New Media



The Laboratory of New Media is a special project of the Laboratory of Journalism, which is being implemented within the framework of the educational direction of Winzavod. Education carried out using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation, provided by the Presidential Grant Fund.

The Laboratory of New Media consists of two stages: an online course and an intensive session in Moscow. The main goal of the project is to develop skills of working with new media among novice authors.

The online course, which runs from October 1 to November 15, was designed specifically for the School: the educational block consists of 16 lectures with practical assignments from experts, including representatives of various media, from TV producers to YouTube bloggers. Each lecture is accompanied by the author's visual material prepared by the project experts. 

Upon completion of the online course, the Laboratory experts will sel ect the 15 best projects to be implemented within the Intensive Session. At the session, participants together with the experts will finalize their projects, take an additional course of lectures and master classes, and will be able to publish materials about their work on the resources of the Winery and partners of the School.

Sofia Trotsenko, President of Winzavod Fund of Contemporary Art Support:

"The Laboratory of New Media will continue the direction of education, namely the support of authors who write about culture. Together with experts, professionals from the media industry, the participants will implement a project about a significant cultural event in their region. These could be podcasts, YouTube shows, interviews, longrides, any modern media formats in general. 

The project has a special role - it is an important tool that the professional community needs in order to stay in touch, to make possible communication between writers from different parts of the country. Whatever the location, we need a constant cultural dialogue.


● Astrakhantsev Kirill, journalist, editor of online magazine SLOWW.

● Belova Olga, editor of web-zine about modern art Spectate.

● Bralkova Anna, art historian, editor, curator.

● Gutsal Evgeny, General Producer of Divico Digital Agency.

● Davlet-Kildeeva Suyumbike, public relations specialist, editor-in-chief of "Shop", columnist in GQ magazine.

● Zakharova Yulia, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Pervaya Parka" in Gorky Park.

● Kotenev Anton, free critic.

● Kryuchkova Natalia, correspondent for the Federal News Agency TASS.

● Obrazumov Alexander, artist, editor.

● Omelchenko Yury, blogger, creator of ARTPatrol.

● Palatkina Daria, editor of the project "Big Museum".

● Parshikov Andrey, curator of the V-A-C Foundation and tutor of the Open studios of Winzavod.

● Pislar Katya, researcher, art historian.

● Savenkov Andrey, Sputnik News Agency correspondent.

● Saminskaya Irina, Project Manager, Contemporary Art Support Fund, Winzavod.

● Yurichuk Daria, visual culture researcher, art historian, choreographer.


1. Citizenship of the Russian Federation;

2. Age: from 18 years.


1.  Record a video, lasting no more than one minute, with a short story about yourself and the idea of your future project.

2. A motivational letter of no more than 1800 characters in total.

The course is free.


1. Acceptance of applications fr om applicants: 1 August - 13 September

2. Announcing the list of lab technicians: September 30

3. Setting day: October 1.


1. Online part:

Online lectures and workshops: 1.10 - 15.11

Announcement of the best projects: 28.11

2. Offline part:

Session-intensive: 7.12 - 13.12

Read more about the project on the website of the Laboratory. 


Winzavod's Labaratory of Journalism has been in operation since 2017. Over the five seasons of the Laboratory more than 70 people took part in the project, including laboratory assistants fr om Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Stavropol, Voronezh and other regions of Russia. Project participants have access to a professional support system created specifically for the project. Laboratory experts accompany the authors for two months, at the end of which an intensive session consisting of a series of unique master classes is held.


Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art is the first and the largest private contemporary art centre in Russia, uniting galleries, educational programmes, studios and workshops since 2007. By bringing together all areas of contemporary culture in one space open to a wide audience, Winzavod supports contemporary Russian art and creates a comfortable environment for its development.

The Fund for Support of Contemporary Art and its strategic directions was established on the basis of Winzavod.