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OPEN CALL of the autumn contemporary art market WIN-WIN

27 June — 25 August 2024
27 June —
25 August 2024
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OPEN CALL of the autumn contemporary art market WIN-WIN

Contemporary Art Market WIN-WIN
WIN-WIN Market announces an open call and continues the development of a new focus area - a specialised section featuring authors with one leading medium in their work. 

The open call for participants will take place from 27 June to 25 August 2024. The form to be filled in by participants 

The Market will take place for the ninth time at the Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art and will bring together and present the best works and projects in contemporary art, continuing to develop and support emerging and talented authors. 

At the spring market WIN-WIN introduced a new direction - a specialised Focus section. At the autumn market the section will focus on Textile. The curator of the section is Eugene Choutko, founder of Atelier Choutko gallery, collector of author's tapestries and handmade carpets, as well as paintings, graphics and sculpture consonant with them. 

"Focus Textile" is a specialised section for works made with textiles and textile techniques including: hand-tufted trellis weaving (handmade tapestries), hand-woven carpets, tufted rugs, textile appliqués and collages, embroidery, knitting, weaving, installations and interdisciplinary works combining textile techniques with other media (e.g. textiles and painting, sculpture, glass, metal, wood, digital media). Priority will be given to works in which textile techniques are not an end in themselves, but the best means of expressing the artistic concept," - Evgeny Shutko. 

The expert council of the main marque included:

Ekaterina Savina, curator of the WIN-WIN market;

Igor Kazakov, head of GUM-Red-Line Gallery;

Anastasia Panova, co-founder of the Nizhny Novgorod gallery FUTURO.

In the expert council of the FOCUS Textile section:

Eugene Choutko, founder of Atelier Choutko gallery;

Marina Shirskaya, art historian, lecturer, curator. Editor at AD magazine. Member of the Expert Council of the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts;

Ekaterina de Rochambeau-Limonade, art consultant, since 2009 official representative of Brussels BRAFA art fair in Russia.

The WIN-WIN contemporary art market will take place on 12 and 13 October 2024 in the White and Red Sheds at the Central Exhibition Centre Winzavod. 


If you have any questions about filling out the application form, please contact

WIN-WIN Contemporary Art Market is a relevant and important way to support creative people today, to meet artists and their works and to buy contemporary art at democratic prices. It is a rare opportunity for artists, independent creative associations and galleries to make themselves known, feel the support of the community, find their audience and like-minded people. 

WIN-WIN is a regular market of contemporary art - a space for meeting emerging and established artists and buyers without intermediaries. Features of the market: expertise in the selection of participants and support for emerging authors, at least 50% of participants are new names.

Applications from artists, creative associations, galleries, studios, workshops and publishing houses working with painting, graphics, ceramics, sculpture, prints, drawing, photography and other artistic practices are accepted until 25 August inclusive.