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Ekaterina Augustenyak

10 December — 11 December 2022
15 Vintage Hall

Ekaterina Augustenyak

Support of curators and independent communities is a timely initiative of Winzavod Foundation to support the creative community, which allows you to see in real time active and talented projects. 

As part of a short program of Projects of Curators and Independent Communities of CSI Vinzavod.

«Damage» is a multi-layered performance devoted to the topic of trauma of the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space, which has transformed today into painful social relations. According to the authors of the project, the main character of the performance is the collective image of 145 million people who are unable to express their love for their neighbors.

The magic conspiracy of many voices is combined with the ritual of preparing a shared meal, and the choreography of gestures reveals the complex dramaturgy of the relationship. Textile, food and body landscapes become a single visual fabric. For the viewer, the action is reduced to a single stream, aimed at untwisting old knots that interfere with living and breathing, and trying to reconfigure the connections.

Curator: Ekaterina Augustenyak. 

10 and 11 December at 8 PM. 
Winzavod, Vintage Hall (Entrance 15).
Admission is free on registration.