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ZIP Group
"Balance with a small margin of error"

27 June — 30 September 2017
Б Big Square

ZIP Group
"Balance with a small margin of error"


Curator of the exhibition: Anastasia Shavlokhova

Author cycle: Nikolay Palazhchenko

On June 27, 2017, the ZIP group will present an interactive installation in the Contemporary Art Center WINZAVOD within the jubilee cycle "Farewell to Eternal Youth". The central square of the CIC WINZAVOD is transformed in the likeness of the Athenian agora and will become the largest street public artist in Russia. Participants of the group - Eldar Ganeev, Yevgeny Rimkevich, brothers Vasily and Stepan Subbotiny - in the framework of celebrating the centennial anniversary of the Revolution of 1917, investigate the topic of power and its images.

The center of the installation is a column with a monument - an abstract leader, in contrast to which there is an elevator. Anyone can rise and become equal to the sculpture of the leader. Next to the pedestal is the "future" - a fallen column with colored seats, which refers to the 16th column of the temple of Zeus in Athens, which collapsed during the storm in 1852. According to the "ZIP" version, the column becomes a people's shop with chairs.

Artist Stepan Subbotin: "The space of WINZAVOD interested us, above all, the opportunity to do a great job on the street. This is a real square: there are buildings around, people gather here, and there is always some kind of life. In the year of the centennial anniversary of the 1917 revolution, we want to explore a theme that has long been present in the history of art and society - the theme of the squares and sculptures that stand on them. In our work, we try to demonstrate the error between reality and the idea of ​​what a revolution is, and what happens after it with power, how it is transformed. We want, through a form, to compare reality with utopia. "

Curator of the exhibition Anastasia Shavlokhova: "Since the late 1980s, the understanding of public and private has undergone a lot of changes. New technologies, increasingly disconnecting people in real life, have become a catalyst for the global virtual world. The sphere of the public is being pushed into the virtual space, where reality, fiction, fake and fantasy become part of one big game for the attention of the audience. "

Group "ZIP" - the Russian art group, created in 2009 in Krasnodar. It includes artists Eldar Ganeev, Eugene Rimkevich, brothers Vasily and Stepan Subbotin. The ZIP group founded the Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art (KISI), the independent festival of street art MOZHET, the art residence Pyatikhatki and participated in the creation of the Krasnodar Center for Contemporary Art "Typography." The name of the group is the abbreviation of the Krasnodar plant of measuring instruments (ZIP), where since 2009 the artist's workshop was located. In 2013, the ZIP faction and KISI activists (Julia Kapustyan, Tatyana Stadnichenko, Viktor Linsky) received the Innovation Award in the Regional Modern Art Project nomination for the exhibition Krasnodar: the line on the plane. History of KISI "(the project was shown in the TIC" Factory ").