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20 August — 22 August 2021
А Territory of WINZAVOD CCA


Fr om 20 to 22 August, the Winzavod will host STICKFEST - the largest sticker festival dedicated to sticker art and sticker bombing. Sticker art is a form of street art, all images of which are carried out on stickers. It is difficult to name a street artist who does not have branded stickers, and some authors completely build their creativity around stickers.

Guests of the event will have the opportunity to see all the variety of street stickers in one place and personally communicate with the authors. The festival program includes an exhibition of works by artists, a market and an educational part, wh ere guests can create their own stickers. In addition, the STICKFEST will feature materials from artists from all over Russia, provided by the organizers of the "Author's Stickers Festival" sticker tour.

As part of the opening, there will also be a presentation of a special edition / zine about sticker-bombing around the territory of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art.


20 august friday

17:00 - Opening

17:30 - Linocut master class with CUT linocutwoodcut

19:00 - Sticker Battle

20:00 - HF Battle. Collaboration with Concept Vandalism, and all the cool work will be part of an interactive installation at the festival

20:57 - Awarding the winners of the sticker battle

21:00 - Evening of collaborations!

21 august saturday

13:00 - Opening

14:00 - Master class from Tag More Expensive Banksy

14:30 - Lecture by Sasha Kisla "How to run an Art public and get Prometheus"

15:00 - Lecture Volodya art "From stickers to street art"

15:30 - Lecture by Ivan Ermolin about Molotov Streetwear and successful collaborations

16:00 - Lecture by Kostya Loginov from BOMMAN Stickers about types of printing and stickers

16:30 - Lecture by Ivan Simonov a.k.a. # small people about urban interventions

18:00 - Lecture, master class and art meeting from SEIN.

19:30 - Evening of collaborations!

22 august sunday

13:00 - Opening

14:30 - History of sticker art from CHAIN

15:30 - DIY stickers workshop with CHAIN

16:30 - Police caught: public talk with lawyers on how to behave with law enforcement officers

17:00 - Workshop on custom clothing with Sneakerheal

18:00 - Talk artist SAMEK'A about the experience of holding sticker festivals in the regions

19:30 - Evening of collaborations!