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Denis Budilov and Maxim Ivanov
Lingering moment

20 October — 26 November 2021
6 U Contemporary

Denis Budilov and Maxim Ivanov
Lingering moment


The Moscow School of Contemporary Art celebrates the anniversary of its own exhibition space U contemporary and presents the exhibition "A Lingering Moment". On October 20, 2021, in the U Contemporary space at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, the Moscow School of Contemporary Art and the British Higher School of Design will present the exhibition "A Lingering Moment", which will show photographs of Denis Budilov and Maxim Ivanov.

The “Lingering Moment” is a paradox from philosophical disputes about time. Man recognizes its infinity and the impossibility of constant presence in it.

Even memory does not allow us to stay in time continuously - all that we remember are separate "protracted" moments.

The exhibition reveals the two authors' vision of the nature of photography.

Both artists are BA (Hons) Photography alumni of the British Higher School of Art and Design, and after graduation, dialogue continues to be evident in their projects.

Maksim Ivanov presents the Grievances project, which explores this complex psychological reaction. The project participants, the "test subjects" - Maxim's co-authors in creating color portraits - chewed, swallowed or spat out their "grievances". The works were literally created in the mouth. The spit out film is a faceless and in its own way ugly work, the result of a test I experienced: “The volitional bearing of something foreign, scratching and poisoning, at the same time smooth, light, frivolous, with intriguing consequences [of the process itself], it seems, was the main thing for me in this allegory of resentment, ”says the artist.

Denis Budilov explores time and light in his projects Cadere and Genesis.

Cadere, literally falling, is a metaphoric project that consists of images of falling constellations. The constellations, in turn, are unfulfilled expectations: "they fall and break somewhere far away, taking with them the viewer's hopes, making them unattainable." In the Genesis project, special attention is paid to the nature of light. Work with the line of light reminds the viewer of the protracted light trail of memory.