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Vladimir Kolesnikov
Whiteness Leaking

28 May — 30 June 2019
19 11.12 Gallery

Vladimir Kolesnikov
Whiteness Leaking

s it possible to tell a story through an art exhibition? In such way when the same story is equally successfully understood by all, and no one made a mistake in its retelling? Until recently, it was believed that it is quite possible – to immerse the viewer in the context, to show him the document, to hold from one object to another, to set the mood, to make a statement... But what do we get in a situation in which the chain of associations begins to unwind into infinity, and one object can easily replace the other?

Whiteness Leaking is the exhibition about how you can assemble an exhibition today. Exhibition on the recognition of the artist's inability to produce a clear, precise and accurate statement. An exhibition is about things that happened to be in the same room, and, at the same time, produced in order to be there. The exhibition is about the artist, confusedly looking around in search of meaning, which is eluding all the time. The exhibition is about illusions, associations, memories and hopes, simultaneously existing, and doomed to remain unformulated. The exhibition is about what we are all witnessing today – about art, which is like a parachute covers the world that was once disenchanted by us, and about the artist trying to catch his slings in the rarefied air.

Natalya Serkova

Curator – Vladimir Omutov