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Ivan Chuikov
And a beautiful view from the window

03 February — 12 March 2021

Ivan Chuikov
And a beautiful view from the window


OVCHARENKO opens the exhibition of Ivan Chuikov - the first after the tragic departure of the great artist, analyst and innovator, whose contribution to the history of contemporary Russian art has yet to be comprehended and described.

The exhibition will feature two projects whose scale seems appropriate for an exhibition of such importance and tone. The first is the installation "Theory of Reflection 1" (1978-1992), which opened in the gallery on February 5, 1992, exactly twenty-nine years ago, and which marked the beginning of creative collaboration between OVCHARENKO and Ivan Semenovich. This work dates back fourteen years, showing that the installation was the result of a long search in the field of combining visual and verbal languages: reflection as a phenomenon of the physical world here receives connotations of reflection, the main tool of the human psyche. 

The second project, "Signs, b/w", Chuikov's last solo exhibition at the gallery in 2015, is a series of nine objects - windows, depicting easily recognizable signs. The author managed to achieve the effect of figures moving in space. The artist himself believed that these signs, long ago detached from their original meaning, are becoming a common element of exchange and consumption in modern society, but instead of devaluation they are being reincarnated, infused with a new magical evil force.