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Personal exhibition of the artist Anna Silivonchik
Too many letters

27 May — 10 June 2021

Personal exhibition of the artist Anna Silivonchik
Too many letters


Gallery BIS ART presents a solo exhibition "Too Many letters" of the artist Anna Silivonchik .

In the work of Anna Silivonchik, the artistic and literary components are often intertwined, sometimes controversially and contrary, but often serve as an example of synergy. There are things and phenomena that cannot be dressed in the form of words and made to march in slender columns of paragraphs and chapters. They can be expressed much more fully in dance, music, fine arts ... But it also happens that abstract sensual images are not able to convey clearly all the depth and finality of thought. And then we reach into our pockets for the necessary and important words.

Defending against the abundance of information that no filters of perception can handle, defining it as a background, white noise, a modern person is able to assimilate it only in homeopathic doses. Most of the data we get today from the Internet, avoiding too long sentences, not wanting to waste time on indigestible complex texts, fluently scanning pages, clinging to the eyes of individual phrases, subheadings, pictures. Maybe this is not a bad thing, but we live in a time when the number of people who want to create content outnumbers the number of people who want to thoughtfully consume it. Therefore, in Silivonchik's works, letters, first of all, play the role of an optional decorative element, scattering along the canvas or volume with fancy ornaments. After all, the artist is fully aware that not every viewer will begin to read what has been written. Thorny sharp shards of reality, vague outlines with a flash of instantaneous insights, ethereal dark shadows of silent dreams, manic attempts to invent meanings in a mercilessly meaningless world, add up to poetic-visual rhymes and rhythms. Anna piles words on top of each other, constructing the Tower of Babel from children's blocks. Realizing the futility of what is happening, the artist speaks to the wall, draws circles on the water and teaches the fish to swim simply because she is carried away by this process.

Collected from works of different periods, the project "Too Many Letters" is a kind of freak show. Witnesses of the lack of presence of mind and obscene priceless artifacts act as the immanent exhibits of the exhibition: a picturesque fingal under the opened third eye of a potato; star fever of the constellation Canis Major; paroxysms of inspiration giving rise to obsessions; scattered beads of dirty associations; spitting into the bottomless well of eternity; a worm of doubt on a self-digging shovel. If there was a word at the beginning, then there will be a period at the end. And then a new proposal. There are many letters ...

The exhibition of the artist Anna Silivonchik "Too Many Letters" is timed to coincide with the release of her book "And They Lived Long and Bored". The exhibition features 30 works made in various techniques: from paintings to installations.