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Masha Yankovskaya
Yankovskayas' Tarot

14 May — 13 June 2021

Masha Yankovskaya
Yankovskayas' Tarot

Fine Art Gallery presents an exhibition of Masha Yankovskaya. In contemporary art, Masha Yankovskaya is a vivid adherent of neorealism, Rene Magritte and the early Renaissance, most often she shows the author's interpretation of the relationship between men and women.

But this time she turned to alchemical riddles in the form of the major arcana Tarot. Cards of triumphs and trump cards, fortune-telling and predictions. Without going into the legends and meanings of the cards themselves, we say that Yankovskaya's artistic language is invariably sharp and modern. Yankovskaya's works are like fragments of a beautiful film or clip, although they are not devoid of metaphor and depth of comprehension of eternal themes.

We are not sure that Masha loves to play cards, but she loves to win in them and accurately calculate the riddles of life. Thinking easily and naturally and without further ado.

Masha herself says: “On July 2, 2020, I started working on the Tarot series. Either unbearably tired of covid, or just out of boredom. Experts advised to "meditate" each lasso before getting down to business, but I stubbornly did not want this, despite the abundance of time. Images come to the artist at the speed of light, and I decided to take advantage of this. I took my MacBook and opened the wackiest site with Waite's tarot descriptions. "Tarot Cards: Meaning and Interpretation" - read the inscription on the main page. "Well, that's good," - I thought. We can say that everything is almost ready. Jester, magician, priestess, empress, emperor, priest, lovers, chariot ... glance slid over the previews. I didn't like the pictures right away. Too utilitarian, no aesthetics.

Redraw! Actually, this is what we are doing now ... Later, of course, I was imbued with respect for the pictures on Waite's deck, having learned how many hidden meanings there are. I clicked on the titles that attracted me and read the keywords. "Chariot: movement, desire, victory". Well, there should obviously be a cool car, not a team with sphinxes. We're talking about modernity. "The devil: vices, addictions, sexual energy ..." Ah! We passed, we know. But I will not draw the face of the Devil, one of his hands is enough - everything will already be clear. And as I read the primitive descriptions, images immediately began to pop up. In fact, even the descriptions could not be read. Title + Tarot picture instantly start a process in the subconscious, working with the collective unconscious, which stores information about archetypes and experiences associated with them.

Each card is an archetype. The fermentation process in a split second throws in a visual image designed specifically for my mind, so that I like it, remember it, and catch it. So in one evening all the sketches were ready. I'm lying a little, almost everything. With some of the images I had to suffer, to bother.

As much as I did not want to immerse myself in cards in meditation, this process manifested itself in life. Namely, as the paintings were created, the living of each lasso began. I'm an experimenter by nature, so I love magic and surprises. I do not want to delve into metaphysics now, but I will only emphasize that this turned out to be a powerful process that sucked not only me, but all those involved. And before which I still feel awe. This process was not subject to me, I felt like just a cog in the mechanism.

I was hoping to finish writing the episode in September. When September came - I hoped to finish writing them in December. When the New Year came, I figured that I would finish everything for the New Year holidays. When we were going to Estonia at the end of January, I thought that I would finish and go. If on July 2, 2020, someone told me that I would finish only at the end of March 2021, then I probably would not have taken on this project.

In January we got acquainted with the Fine Art gallery. The family came to my workshop in full force, and we coincided for morning coffee.

At that time, I had 3 paintings to finish. I did not finish these three pictures, but smeared them. I procrastinated 90% of the time. It was pleasant procrastination: I wandered around the workshop, humming something, muttering. Despite my attitude, the paintings seemed to be painted by themselves. In "Chariot" I painted desaturated sky, because I was too lazy to go to the store for blue paint. And it is there like a native. I gilded the "Wheel of Fortune" with the remnants of gold leaf, and I did not have enough for 1 square meter. see Now try to find a centimeter of gold leaf on a wheel of gold. Although it is better to just look and feel. "