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Death of the Lilacs

02 March — 21 March 2021

Death of the Lilacs

The new project of Fine Art Gallery is dedicated to the arrival of spring, awakening fr om hibernation, new hopes and the sense of renewal that this time of year gives us. It also marks the opening of a new exhibition season and brings together in one space artists who have already collaborated with the gallery, as well as new artists.
Each of the participants, in his own creative way, plays with the flower theme, finding the edges of such concepts as "banality" and "beauty". The whole exhibition is a bouquet of authors and their interpretations.

Alexander Savko's work immerses us in an epic struggle with the "beautiful". Dmitry Shorin creates replicas of Soviet greeting cards, charming and monumental; nostalgia is reborn as an anecdote (I bought a postcard, now I go get a gift), or as a monument to the era of holidays and victories. Diana Machulina depicts a flower in which the face of Che Guevara, an icon of revolution, can be read, so the rose, a symbol of life and femininity, is transformed into a figure of a brutal regime fighter. Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruf shows "flowers without flowers," compositionally cutting off the buds from the viewer's view, leaving only fallen petals on the canvas.

Sergey Shehovtsov, in his art-object "March 9," sneers at the popular perception of International Women's Day, placing his flower in a beer can. Alexei Begak with his image of flowers takes us back to the memories of Crimea, the island of freedom in the USSR. Ekaterina Belyavskaya depicts an Oriental garden of metamorphosis, wh ere a beautiful orchid turns into a cruel dragon. Masha Yankovskaya compares flowers and parts of the female body. Sergey Kalinin fantasizes about the fate of the great "lilac artist" Korovin in Paris. Serge Golovach and Stas Namino identify women with flowers. Julia Volkonskaya refers us to the image of Ophelia created by the Pre-Raphaelite J. E. Millet. Timofei Smirnov speaks of flowers as a garden of paradise, closed by the coldness of winter.

Alexandra Suvorova presents us with the glamorous image of death, conveyed through the image of a skull braided with flowers. Asya Feoktistova and Lavrenty Bruni manifest the abstract and mysterious beauty of a flower bouquet. Olga Volga shoots flowers and smells of lilacs (her work is equipped with a scent dispenser) into the gallery space, allowing the viewer to move around the room, trampling and destroying the beauty of lilacs. Igor Shelkovsky and Vyacheslav Yereshchuk support this destructive motif, disrupting the natural plasticity of the plant and destroying it with the scorching sun.

Participants of the exhibition: A. Begak, M. Belova, A. Politov, E. Belyavskaya, L. Bruni, O. Volga, Y. Volkonskaya, S. Golovach, V. Yereshchuk, S. Kalinin, I. Korshunov, D. Machulina, S. Namin, A. Savko, T. Smirnov, A. Suvorova, A. Feoktistova, S. Shelkovsky, D. Shorin, S. Shekhovtsov, M. Yankovskaya.