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Ivan Plusch
After the singularity

20 October — 03 December 2021
23 pop/off/art gallery

Ivan Plusch
After the singularity

The pop / off / art gallery presents Ivan Plyushch's personal exhibition "After the Singularity". The project will show the symbiosis of technologies and humans, captured by different media: painting, graphics, sculpture, video. The exhibition will show two parts of a large-scale research project in which Ivan Plyushch works "in co-authorship" with the generative adversarial neural network GAN2 and studies its ways to see the human world and recreate it in the digital space.

Picturesque series "After the chair", "After home", "After you", "After me", created in the first part of the project, represent the study of the human world by artificial intelligence. The neural network draws its conclusions about the world around on the basis of the information that the author loads into it. Images recreated in digital reality are controlled by the assembled "data set", but generated directly by the network itself. The artist analyzes the results from the point of view of his existential and visual experience and creates a painting. The first part of the project was shown at the exhibition “After all / After all. Part 1. After the chair ”at the Center for Contemporary Art named after Sergey Kuryokhin in the spring of 2021.

The second part of the project, prepared specifically for the exhibition in the pop / off / art gallery, turns into the interaction of a person and a generative network in the opposite direction. Now the artist is exploring the aesthetics of new technologies using artificial intelligence. Concepts such as "singularity", "transhumanism", "machine learning", "recursiveness", "terraforming" are described by the curator and the artist using a phrase or a number of terms associated with this area of ​​technology. The phrase is loaded into a program that gives an image of the concept under study. Singularity or transhumanism themes are difficult to associate with a specific visual range. However, in interaction with artificial intelligence, art in the person of the artist makes the presentation of the desired images possible. They, in turn, become fundamental in our understanding of the world, which is now based not only on the human, but also on the machine experience of existence.

Curator: Marina Alvitr

Ivan Plyushch was born in 1981 in Leningrad. Graduated from the St. N.K. Roerich and the St. IN AND. Mukhina (in 2009). One of the founders and leaders of the Nepokorennye group (since 2006), a repeated participant in the Youth Biennale, a participant in the Manifesta 10 Parallel Program (St. Petersburg, 2015), a participant and organizer of numerous contemporary art projects. Works by Ivan Plyushch are in the following collections: The State Hermitage (St. Petersburg); Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow); State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg); The National Center for Contemporary Art as part of the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin (Moscow). The artist lives and works in St. Petersburg.