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Pavel Suslov

27 March — 18 April 2021
5 Open Studios

Pavel Suslov

On March 27, together with pop/off/art gallery we opened a solo exhibition "Sleepprint" by artist Pavel Suslov in Open Studios. The exhibition presents key works of the author and takes place within the framework of Vinzavod's support program for graduates of schools of contemporary art. 

In his works, Pavel Suslov, a graduate of VGIK and the Free Workshops at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, adapts the mechanics of cinematography: he works in cycles, thinks about dialogue and "montage" of canvases. The exhibition presents several series of his works, as well as individual paintings. The series consists of shots inspired either by dreams or reality. The artistic method remains traditional: painting, whose place he seeks and finds already in the space of contemporary art. 

Consisting of 32 works, the series "Disappearance" includes the results of plein airs in Vorontsov Park. Through simple landscape motifs the artist addresses the dialectic of the material and the spiritual. The gazebo is the central image of the art of contemplation where it is not only tangible but also connected with the category of the sublime. The artist is currently working on a continuation of the series.

Another project with the construction of a house for people with no place to live arose from the regular practice of going on plein airs and the need to paint large format paintings in the field. The artist settled on the idea of an architectural structure made of canvases, which solved the problem of storing paintings and at the same time was a dwelling. The first was a tent assembled from nine canvases. Subsequent forms began to increase in size and complexity. The invariable principle was a realistic depiction of the environment on the surface of the "house". The projects exist both as complete installations and as a series of independent paintings.

Movie sketches, illustrations for the novel of Paolo Coelho "The Alchemist" - a project for an animated film, which was developed in one of the editions of the book. The visualization is based on 19th century photographs, Dore's engravings, and in the development of the types, the work of Picasso, Coptic and Catalan frescoes of the early Middle Ages.

Pavel Suslov was born in 1984 in Mytishchi (Moscow region). He lives and works in the city of Zhukovsky. In 2014 he graduated from VGIK, specialty - artist of animated film. In 2020 he graduated from the School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops", MMOMA.