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Collective exhibition
Object. Focus. Distance.

29 June — 31 August 2021

Collective exhibition
Object. Focus. Distance.

Fine Art Gallery presents a group exhibition dedicated to a significant artistic movement in world and domestic art. In Russia it is customary to call it photorealism.
Photorealism in Russia is scattered authors who are united by a common interest in painting and graphics based on photo information, diligently imitating its merits and demerits.
The curator of the exhibition Timofey Smirnov published the monograph “Photorealism in Russia. See and See ”, which uses reliable up-to-date information about the creative activity of photorealist artists and covers the period from the 1970s to the present day.

The author has restored and systematized an exhaustive list of exhibitions of photorealists, as well as scattered illustrative material scattered across the territory of the former Soviet republics and private archives. Many works of photorealist artists were published and analyzed for the first time.

The study is not limited to the circle of already known persons, but includes new names. Photorealism is a constantly expanding direction that accepts into its ranks artists who are able to aesthetically competently solve creative problems using photorealistic methods.

Amaspyur E., Bazilev S., Volkov A., Geta S., Gorokhovsky E., Ossovsky S., Semeyko L., Faibisovich S., Sherstyuk S. et al.