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Irina Korina
"Not only about you"

23 January — 11 March 2018
Б Big Square

Irina Korina
"Not only about you"


Curator of the exhibition and author of the cycle: Nikolay Palazhchenko

The facades, roofs and other architectural elements of the Winery will turn into scenery in the new project by Irina Korina "Not only about you", the opening of which will be held on January 23. The sea, the forest grove, the mountain cliff, the spring sky will be subjects for the artist and a new reading of the Winery itself, which in 2017 turned ten years old. Irina Korina's exhibition will complete the jubilee cycle "Farewell to Eternal Youth".

Throughout 2017, artists of the cycle "Farewell to Eternal Youth" looked at art in different ways within the framework of personal projects throughout the territory of the Winery. Irina Korina, working with everyday materials - banner fabric, polycarbonate, corrugated board, plastic - scales them, "surrounding" visitors with imitations of nature.

"Not only for you" involves the viewer in thinking about the dynamics of environmental changes, the interaction of nature and architecture, civilization and chaos. Similar to theatrical backdrops for a non-existent play or computer game backgrounds, the artist's objects symbolize the impossibility of returning today's civilization to harmony and ecological balance. She "breaks the patterns" in the perception of concepts such as art, space, value, architecture.

Artist Irina Korina: "Not only about you" - a story about the courage to be a decoration for the scenery. And although the hero has already got down from the stage, the play is not over yet. Now you have a chance to become a background, second plan, to get out of the shadows. In this action, the most minor details are important. Let's wait! Nowhere to hurry. Fog. Breeze twists dust and ash, the holiday will soon burst. We are waiting for a party of fleetingness. Be careful, do not miss the invisible and silent fireworks! "

The author of the cycle and the curator of the exhibition Nikolai Palazhchenko: "Throughout the year, as part of the anniversary cycle" Farewell to Eternal Youth, "we showcase the bright figures of the new generation of artists at Vinzavod. Each of them is looking for and finding new ways of communicating with the viewer and space - this is now the most urgent agenda for art. In her project "Not only for you" Irina Korina gives us the opportunity to look at the winery in a new way. This is the artist's view, combining a subtle irony and unexpected foreshortening. And this, in my opinion, is very important and valuable. "

In 2017, the Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod - one of the first and largest private art centers in Russia - celebrated its 10th anniversary. The main event of the anniversary year was the cycle "Farewell to Eternal Youth" - large-scale exhibitions were held by Yegor Koshelev, Urban Fauna Lab (Alexey Buldakov and Anastasia Potemkina), Evgenia Granil'shchikova, ZIP groupings, Misha Most, Recycle Group, Dmitry Venkov, Vladimir Logutov and Arseniy Zhilyaeva.

Irina Korina graduated from RATI-GITIS (2000) in the specialty of "scenography". She also studied at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow and the Academy of Arts in Vienna. As a set designer she worked with the theaters of Moscow and Russia, in the early 2000s she worked in the cinema. Three times she became a participant of the Venice Biennale (2009, 2013, 2017). Her solo exhibitions were held at the GRAD Foundation in London, the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Stella Art Foundation, the XL Gallery in Moscow and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Irina Korina is a participant in group exhibitions, including the Museum of Modern Art MUHKA (Antwerp), the Saatchi Gallery (London), and the exhibition space "Kühlhaus" (Berlin). Laureate of the professional award in the field of contemporary art "Soratnik" (2006, 2009, 2012) and the All-Russian competition in the field of contemporary art "Innovation" (2008, 2015).