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Anna Chekh
Needs to be determined

09 July — 18 July 2021

Anna Chekh
Needs to be determined


“If you had one desire, what would you make?”, “How do you want to live?”, “What are you striving for?”. We need to define ourselves everywhere ... In relationships, creativity, money, passions, vices.

The personal exhibition of Anna Chekh is a kind of entrance to the room of desires, where, in order to realize what you have planned, you need to know exactly what to strive for. Visualization and manifestation have recently become a popular practice to achieve what you want. Special lighting and digital technologies create a special atmosphere and a sense of magic at the exhibition.

In this exhibition, the artist unfolds in front of us a map of personal desires, where there are various sectors. Anna is a young girl who seeks to develop her potential in the professional, artistic, family and spiritual fields. In one sector, Cech ironically plays on the immortal worship of the golden calf and the eternal search for new ways of enrichment - in our time, expressed by cryptoferver. In another, it presents us with family happiness and love for life, expressed through portraits of loved ones. Another part of her work was not without political manifestos. Disfigured dirty colors illustrate the artist's attitude to political winds. Along with the banal but sincere desire for "world peace", more mundane and simple desires were crept in: to escape from the hustle and bustle or to overeat with a cool watermelon.

Despite the daily hustle and bustle, Anna remains an inveterate dreamer, and in order not to wait for a falling comet every time to make a wish, she decided to portray her own. A comet of aspirations and hopes, sparkling brightly in the mysterious cold space. You are standing in the center of this exhibition, and, watching a passing comet, you can make your wish. Which would you choose? We need to be determined.