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Ekaterina Starodubtseva
Journey to awakening

26 August — 29 August 2021

Ekaterina Starodubtseva
Journey to awakening


Exhibition curator: Irina Sangler

"Journey to awakening" is a series of works by Ekaterina Starodubtseva, which was created under the influence of a deep spiritual journey and is capable of deeply penetrating

the soul of a person, to provoke a deep knowledge of oneself and lead to unexpected insights.

The works are the result of the artist's unique experience. Traveling around the world in order to learn the transcendental in different cultures led the artist to meditation, shamanic practices, reiki and fire purification techniques, the practice of trance states, and so on. Representing the artist's personal experience of the world and the artist's acquaintance with her subconscious, the works of this series are very intimate. Through her art, Ekaterina Starodubtseva broadcasts the connection of her own soul with her past lives now and here, which she learned in the process of meditations and various spiritual practices around the world. Thanks to the coincidence of circumstances, the artist found a guide to the world of art in the person of Sarah Staton, which was the beginning of a creative transformation and a strong emotional outburst, which was reflected in this series.

“I was fascinated to learn that her [Catherine's] paintings arise as a reaction to inner visions; they are in fact a direct representation of these visions, ”writes Staton of the artist's work. At first glance, the works of Ekaterina Starodubtseva look like watercolors, in fact, this is a special acrylic painting technique on canvas, which

requires concentration and quick action. The exhibition is woven from the subtle fabrics of self-knowledge and human interaction with the outside world as a whole. “Journey to awakening” by Ekaterina Starodubtseva is a unique experience of getting to know the artist's world, as well as an opportunity to get to know oneself better.