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Gallery in the expanded field

25 May — 31 July 2021
6 U Contemporary

Gallery in the expanded field


The curatorial program blip blip blip, in collaboration with the Moscow School of Contemporary Art and the British Higher School of Design, is preparing an exhibition project that will present a range of art galleries housed in interesting and unusual spaces that explore what a gallery can be and what it might look like. The exhibition aims to showcase the documentation of some of the important alternative gallery spaces that existed in Moscow, along with unusual approaches to creating exhibitions from a number of other countries. The project will take place in the U Contemporary exhibition space at Winzavod from May 25 to June 25.

Project participants: Cactus, Desktop Residency, DKUK, Deveron Projects, Good Weather, Lockup International, MXXXII, Coat Gallery, Betweenwindows Gallery, Recent Activity, The Institute of Jamais Vu, The North London Contemporary Art Outpost, 650mAh, ARTART.

Blip blip blip is a curated program that aims to explore and strengthen the relationship between contemporary art practice and art education. Art students are involved in organizing projects, from idea and familiarization with the exhibition plan, to helping artists in the implementation of works and curatorship of exhibitions. Blip blip blip was founded in Leeds, UK, with three curated areas. The first area aims to explore relationships with art education by invited curators or organizations through group exhibitions. This curated area is designed to help students appreciate the breadth of educational areas. The second area, the Doubles Series, is a middle-aged artist who invites another artist with whom he has some kind of educational and artistic relationship to host an exhibition.

A third curatorial direction, the annual ex and Interim exhibitions, was created to reunite artists now living in different cities in the Leeds exhibition space (Institute of Contemporary Arts, Leeds, UK) in order to reconnect and create a network of mutual support.

The Moscow School of Contemporary Art is a project of the University of Creative Industries Universal University and the British Higher School of Art & Design. The school brought together more than ten years of experience of the British Higher School of Art and Design in the field of contemporary art, international education and interaction with key art institutions in Russia and other countries. The Academic Council of the school is responsible for high standards of teaching, learning, interaction with international partners and the integration of graduates into the local and international professional community. Educational programs: Bachelor of Fine Art and Photography in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, Great Britain (graduates receive 2 diplomas: the British model of the University of Hertfordshire and MSCA); Additional professional education and retraining in the areas of "Contemporary art" and a new course "International strategies in art business"; intensives. The course instructors are professors of contemporary art from Great Britain, Europe and the USA, specialists from Christie’s Education New York, VISA, bitforms gallery in New York, The National Arts Club New York, and other leading Russian and foreign functionaries. Graduates of the school are international specialists in the field of contemporary art: artists, photographers, curators, set designers, gallery owners, art dealers and art managers. Board of Trustees: Juan Cruz (Artist, Professor and Director of the Edinburgh College of Art), Sofia Trotsenko (Founder of the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art), Olga Sviblova (Founder and Director of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow), Sepake Angiama (Artistic Director of the Institute of International Fine Arts (INIVA)), Susan Collins (British artist and professor), Andrew Style (Head of Painting at the Slade School of Fine Arts), Michael Armitage (Contemporary Artist represented by White Cube Gallery), Timothy Hyman (Art Writer and Artist).