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Foundations - 100 years after VKhUTEMAS

22 January — 06 February 2021
6 U Contemporary

Foundations - 100 years after VKhUTEMAS


The exhibition "Foundations - 100 years after VKhUTEMAS" is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of VKhUTEMAS and its legacy in the form of the "Foundation Art and Design" program. 

The exhibition features archival photographs of VKhUTEMAS and works of students who graduated from the Foundation Art and Design course at BHSAD. As part of the course, students create many experimental projects in different directions to develop an understanding of all aspects of creative work. One of the main goals of the course is to foster each student's critical thinking and ability to solve problems individually.

One of the legacies of VHUTEMAS was the creation and continuation of the Basic Training course as a program underlying all aspects of art and design education. At the British Higher School of Design, which provides education programs in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, this program is now thriving and builds on a radical tradition established in Britain in the 1960s and before that at VHUTEMAS 100 years ago. 

The exhibition "Foundations - 100 Years After VKHUTEMAS" is also paired with the exhibition "VKHUTEMAS 100. School of the Avant-garde", which will be held at the Museum of Moscow.