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EverArt Weekend at Winzavod

09 August — 11 August 2019
5 Open Studios
19 11.12 Gallery
23 pop/off/art gallery
22 Totibadze Gallery

EverArt Weekend at Winzavod

Fr om August 9 to 11, Moscow will host the first city festival of contemporary art, the largest in terms of participants - EverArt Weekend. The organizer of the festival is the art agency Everal.

The festival will be held in thirty locations in Moscow.
EverArt Weekend - a festival of contemporary art in Moscow at Vinzavod will bring together Open Studios and six galleries: 11.12 Gallery, Pop/off/art gallery, ARTIS GALLERY, InArt, Fine Art Gallery and Totibadze Gallery. 

More information about the program and registration can be found at 

Open Studios / Open Studios

Artists Mika Plutizkaya, Misha Buryj, Elena Minaev, Alena Fedotkina, Roma Bogdanov, Olesya Lavrinenko, Anna Brandush and Varvara Grankova are preparing the final exhibition and will open it slightly during the festival. On August 9 at 19:30, the project tutor Andrey Parshikov will give a lecture "How to understand contemporary art? On August 10 at 17:00 the residents of the studios will talk about their experience of working in public space at the discussion "Publicity of creativity: emotional exhibitionism". On August 11 at 18:00, the residents of the studios will tour the Winzavod and tell about their favorite places and projects. 

11.12 Gallery
Kirill Yakovlev's "Boys Girls" exhibition 
Programme of activities at 10.8
1) Storehouse tour 11.12 GALLERY - at 16:00
To get from the storerooms and the client VIP-zone of the gallery is an opportunity not available to every visitor.
Even more unique is the fact that the tour around the "closed floors" will be conducted by the owner and founder of the gallery Alexander Sharov (Alex Sharov). He will talk about its creation, concept, modifications in recent years, as well as share the secrets of successful gallery business in Russia and abroad.
2. Artist Talk. Kirill Yakovlev - at 19:00
In recent years, Kirill Yakovlev has been taking on the issue of creating a perfect and perfect picture. Creating such a work is possible if you use something completely ordinary. By leveling out the differences in content within certain groups (for an artist, it is an image of nature, man and architecture), a pattern is born that reduces the image to a simple sign. From this point of view, a picture begins to acquire the qualities of a universal work of art. On the one hand, it never ceases to be understood as a part of the art world, but on the other hand, it acquires practical meaning due to its "idealism". Such a picture is not a means by which the artist wants to convey his or her personal worldview, but, on the contrary, it helps the viewer to express his or her condition, to understand himself or herself, perhaps even to solve some problems.
You have a unique opportunity to personally communicate with the artist and learn how "Girls - Boys" came out of the ideal landscape.

Pop/off/art gallery
Exhibition Golynsky Alexandr "Polital".
Program of events:
09 August 19:00-20:00
During the performance, a professional magician will replace the usual details with an insulating tape, which is important for the works of Golynsky. Tracking the mechanisms of art development in the capitalist world, Golynsky explores its penetration into the modern post-Soviet space. "In this performance, I will use an instrument of appropriation not of the object itself, but of the profession, bringing it into the context of an art gallery. Using tape as an artistic material, which is a metaphor of fine arts, the magician will interact with mysterious and mystical schemes of the art industry," says the artist.
10 August 17:00-18:30
The director of Gallery Lilliana Marre will lead the guests through the exposition of Alexander Golynsky "Polital", will tell about the artistic method of Alexander, as well as about the work of the curator for the exhibition. After the tour Lilian will invite the audience to the gallery showroom, wh ere he will show the spare parts - old and new works of the gallery's artists - from the most accessible (10,000r.) to the most expensive works of the masters - Eugene Gorokhovskiy, Erik Bulatov, Andrei Grosytsky, etc.

Get to the point: NEW POINT graphics exhibition 

Marina Zvyagintseva's personal research project "Neurocode: Perception of Art"

Fine Art Gallery
The NESHEKSPIR exhibition is an author's allusion to the famous playwright whose play inspired 10 artists who will gather in one exhibition hall

Totibadze Gallery
Olga Florenskaya's "Japoneria Chinoise" exhibition