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Olga Tatarintseva and Oleg Tatarintsev
I think: far away

08 December — 19 January 2022
H9 pop/off/art gallery

Olga Tatarintseva and Oleg Tatarintsev
I think: far away

pop / off / art gallery presents a new project of the Moscow duo of key middle-generation artists Olga and Oleg Tatarintsev "I think: far away". Tatarintsev work both in a duet and as independent authors: the paintings are exclusively Olga's authorship. In their work, artists often refer to themes of philosophy, ethics, history, and discuss socio-political issues. The exhibition will become a compiler study of the relationship between two thinkers of the 20th century who entered the pantheon of world philosophical thought: Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt. Tatarintsevs' project is based on the correspondence of philosophers of 1925-1975, which grew from love to friendship, reflected the main moments of the life and work and withstood the test of the ruling regime. The letters, due to their ideological component, became available to the reader only in 1998.

Under the project, the gallery space will become a total installation that reveals certain moments in the biography of Heidegger and Arendt. Tatarintsev sensitively extract the most significant, in their opinion, ideas from the texts, that can characterize the life and work of thinkers, and transfer them to different media. The project will include painting, graphics, sculpture, video and performance art. The large-scale installations or small objects are always distinguished by the clarity of forms, the use of pure color and impeccable technical performance. The trans-multimedia format of the exhibition will allow not only to trace the special method of the artist’s work, but also fully reflect the unification of philosophers’ beliefs and ideas.The letters will find their embodiment in twenty-seven paintings by Olga Tatarintsev, Heidegger's desire to return to the "basics", "earth", "soil" – in a video, private moments of the biography of Arendt and Heidegger – in art objects and excerpts from the author's texts on Russian, English and German. An installation with the famous "Black Notebooks" (German: Schwarze Hefte) will become a special exhibition solution. The performative part, which will be implemented in separate sessions, will allow the viewer to witness a conversation revealing ideas that influenced not only the fate of two lovers, friends, thinkers, but also the entire philosophical and political thought of the 20th century.