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Ahmet Yiguider

09 April — 09 May 2021

Ahmet Yiguider

A new exhibition by Turkish artist and sculptor Ahmet Yigider opens at Fine Art Gallery. The scope of his versatile personality is enough to work in the field of industrial design, monumental-decorative and small-scale plastics, circular sculpture and even perfumery.

Creative method of the author is a silent monologue about the impact of technological progress on human life, environmental issues, civilization processes, the properties of human thinking and intelligence.

At first glance, Yigider is a form seeker, striving to think in the material, to get closer to its essence. His search for form is directed in the field of the primitive sign-symbolic system, the plastic language and expressiveness of the sculpture of ancient civilizations. At the same time, his work inherits the modernist tradition with its desire to convey an idea in the form of a generalizing sign, visually refined and at the same time multivalent.

Through the influence of modern trends in design and references to the sculpture of the early twentieth century, we can clearly see the author who is fond of the expression and dynamics inherent in painting, the textures of materials, which may seem to be both a way and an end in itself of the creative search. However, it is what lies beyond form that can characterize the artist as a plastic philosopher. Nevertheless, the combination of static images consisting of insignificant details-fragments of reality with plastic expression creates a powerful effect of transition from parts of reality to its symbolic generalization.

It should also be noted that the artist deliberately arranges the visual series, building a consistent series. This kind of calculation leads the viewer away from a metaphorical, semantic interpretation of each work towards the comprehension of the whole, a kind of "monument to the moment" that is created as a result.  

In this way, without unnecessary verbal means, the artist tries to show the symbols and signs hidden in reality, and involves the viewer in his intellectual quest. This is how his philosophy appears, silent and profound.